Working at Astley Castle

Housekeepers Lynne, Marie and Carolyn talk about their work at Astley Castle.

Housekeepers Lynee, Marie and Carolyn at Astley Castle

Lynne: Before working at Astley, I worked for the post office. I saw an advertisement for a housekeeper in the local newspaper and decided to go for it. I was interviewed by a lovely lady called Pam Reed and was lucky enough to get the job. That was over three years ago and I've met some very interesting people since. I'm very proud of Astley and as we walk back down the path knowing it is once again looking its best, I think about the guests and wish I could see their reaction when they enter.

Marie: I started working at Astley in 2013. When I joined the team, Astley was in the final stages of the Stirling prize competition. It was very exciting because we were always having visits from judges, architects, writers and even television cameras. My favourite memory of Astley is when we actually won the Stirling prize, and even now there is never a dull moment at Astley.

Carolyn: We moved to the Midlands when my partner got a new job and I've worked at Astley for just over a year now. Before that I worked for the Landmark Trust as housekeeper at Cawood Castle in North Yorkshire. I really love working here with the other ladies and I'm very happy that Landmark properties are so popular.

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