What Covid-secure measures are in place?

A Landmark stay has always been a contact-free experience. Guests are welcome to arrive anytime from 4pm on the arrival day, while departure is by 10am on the final day. We are asking everyone to strictly adhere to these times, which are crucial to ensuring that our housekeepers have enough time to clean the building to an enhanced standard while following the Government physical distancing rules. Many of our properties are in rural areas and several of our sites have shared or narrow access driveways, so we are asking that guests are sensitive to our neighbours and local communities, and mindful of the sometimes-limited medical or shopping facilities in remote locations. We are sanitising any shared touchpoints inside a building. Keys are collected onsite (or, in a small number of cases, they are posted in advance) and we are carefully disinfecting them all.

Inside our properties, we are keeping to our usual high standards of presentation. Important information about the property is presented in wipeable plastic folders or on laminated sheets. All kitchenware and crockery is clean but not sanitised, so we are recommending that guests rewash items in hot, soapy water before use. Our cots for children are still available, but as we aren’t currently able to sanitise them, if one is required we’re encouraging guests to bring their own.

Given the various challenges of local supply chains, unfortunately, we may not always be able to provide as much lavatory paper as we would usually like. We usually provide a pint of milk in the fridge but have paused that for now. All Landmarks are equipped with well-loved libraries of books, along with board games and local information leaflets. We’ve kept these available, but as we aren’t able to sanitise each individual item during a changeover, we’ve placed them in bookcases and cupboards and are asking guests to wash their hands thoroughly after use. If during a stay, there is an exceptional reason why a member of staff or trusted contractor may need to visit a property (for example to rectify an issue in the building), we will inform guests with as much notice as possible and adhere to all Government physical distancing rules. To help keep our staff safe, we’re asking guests to strip their beds, empty the fridge and remove rubbish at the end of a stay, with easy arrangements in place.

If during a stay, any person starts to show symptoms of Coronavirus or is advised to self-isolate, we’re asking that guests let us know as soon as possible, and appropriate measures will be taken.

A new ‘Covid-19 secure’ cleaning regime across our 200 Landmarks

The cleanliness of our remarkable properties has always been paramount to us. We have long used virucidal, commercial-grade disinfectants, but have now introduced additional products that are certified to kill Coronavirus. We are using these products throughout our Landmarks.

We are taking extra care of high-touch surface areas such as door handles, light switches, kettles and toasters. We are also ensuring the cleanliness of our upholstery, including armchairs and curtains. As always, professional laundry companies are washing our bed linen and towels to the highest standards in accordance with the latest virus-control procedures. We have always provided cleaning products in safe locations throughout our properties and, during a stay, guests are welcome to use these freely. Our housekeepers each look after a particular Landmark and are working in very small teams, at a distance from each other, wearing PPE where appropriate. We have developed new Safe Working Practices and undertaken fresh Risk Assessments, following the latest advice and working together with staff across the organisation.

What you can expect staying in a Landmark?

All Landmark’s buildings are self-catering, with a well-equipped kitchen. There is everything you need for modern life, but we do not provide TVs, telephones, internet access or Wifi (check the individual Landmark building details for information on mobile phone signal strength). Landmarks are well-furnished with comfortable, classic furniture. Children are always welcome, and at most buildings, so are dogs. The beds will be made up for your arrival and one large towel is provided for each person staying. All buildings have electricity, heating and hot water.  

Why 50 stays?

We wanted to make a significant gesture, potentially enabling nearly 400 people to benefit from the scheme. 25 buildings represent some 13% of Landmark’s portfolio.  

Why can’t individuals apply for 50 for Free?

We need to rely on the advice of other charities and organisations to validate that these free stays are reaching those who will most benefit from them.  

Why are the stays in March and not the summer/school holidays?

We have deliberately made 25 Spring weekend breaks available under the scheme so families can also benefit. We chose March as a time the days are getting longer and Spring is breaking. Landmark relies on its holiday letting income to pay for the future maintenance of its buildings under a finely balanced business model. The 50 for Free scheme even in March represents considerable income that would otherwise have come to the Trust. Sadly, we could not meet the challenges of our core mission were we to take a greater hit by offering stays at peak seasons.  

Why are raffle or auction prizes not qualifying purposes for 50 for Free?

We want to make sure these breaks reach those who need them most rather than being allocated by chance or according to wealth.  

Are there phones in Landmark’s buildings? TVs? Internet access? Wifi? CD players?

No to all of the above, in line with the preferences of most of those who stay in our buildings. Some people choose to take a radio or TV with them, although the remoteness of some of our buildings means we cannot always guarantee reception.  

Is there mobile signal?

Not always, especially in our more remote buildings. Please check with us if important to you before selecting a property.

How many people can stay?

The buildings offered sleep between 2 and 14 people, but please look carefully at the floor plans included in the building’s page on the website to see how many bedrooms there are in each 50 for Free Landmark. Not everyone in your group may wish to share a bedroom.  

How do we get to your buildings?

Some of the 50 for Free buildings are in town centres and can be reached by public transport and on foot (for example Bath Tower, Elton House, Crownhill Fort and The Grange). For others, still in towns or villages, you can arrive nearby on public transport and then take a taxi (for example Goddards, Morpeth Castle, Alton Station). Some are more remote, and you will need to drive or be driven to.  

Does the Landmark Trust provide or pay for food during the stay?

No, you (or the organisation applying on your behalf) must provide the food during your stay. All our buildings are self catering so you will need to bring your food with you or buy it locally.  

What does the Landmark Trust pay for?

Landmark provides the building for your stay absolutely free. This includes: all background heating, hot water, electricity and reasonable cleaning at the end of your stay. The beds will be made up for your arrival with blankets and sheets and there will be clean towels.    

What do I need to bring?

Things people like to bring when visiting Landmark’s buildings include:

Radio, something to play music on, walking boots / wellingtons, favourite recipe book, torch, waterproof coat, outdoor games  

Are your buildings suitable for people
in a wheelchair / of limited mobility?

Wherever possible, we adapt our buildings for full accessibility and many have ground floor bedrooms and bathrooms. However, it is part of the character of old buildings  that they include features that may not be easy for those in a wheelchair or of limited mobility, like changes of floor level, or steep, narrow staircases.

We encourage you to look carefully at the floor plans of each building on our website, and if you are in any doubt or have any questions, just get in touch with our knowledgeable Bookings Enquiries team on [email protected] or by phone 01628 825925.