50 for Free feedback

Read how previous 50 for Free groups got on with their stays.

Little Miracles CIO

Alton Station - Weekend

Roy Irwin and his family have faced a difficult few years, with the cost of living crisis adding to their struggles. With multiple health concerns and unexpected financial pressures Roy told us that:

“We have been unable to afford to do anything nice as a family for quite a number of years and this break away has been a blessing to just get a little break from all this pressure.”

“I felt at peace and happy in such a peaceful, tranquil scenic environment and it was lovely to see the kids getting out with nature and off electronics which I would love to do more of”

Bethany Christian Trust

Auchinleck House - Midweek

“Bethany Homes Glasgow provides supported tenancies to individuals. Throughout the year we provide 1-2-1 support and have group sessions focusing on improving independent living skills as well as some fun days out and short holidays. These are usually very busy times with lots going on.

The 50 for Free stay was an additional time away as a group – it gave us time to rest and get to know each other better and put learned skills into practice; such as cooking dinners, baking bread, listening and communicating with each other. It also provides a new experience for the tenants, showing them that they are worthy and have value. We often find that times away are times when we have deeper conversations and meaningful transformation and attitude changes take place.”

“We spent more time in the house than we would with usual holidays, with comfortable rooms and multiple lounges and meetings spaces, there was room for everyone to do things they enjoyed at their own pace.”

A group of people wearing party hats

Circles Network

Cavendish Hall - Weekend

“The 50 for Free stay has enabled a group of six people who we support to have their first holiday in many years, for some their first since being young child. The charity has fundraised for their food and we had lovely donations to create Pamper Hampers for the group. Two of our dedicated team members hosted the group, providing transport and tending compassionately to all the support needs required by the group.”

“Opening the door was a WOW moment! The property was beautiful, luxurious and had so much history.”

“We felt like we had a new lease of life and ready to face the challenges that usually get us down. It was great to just laugh!”

Action for Aspergers

Crownhill Fort - Midweek

“Our autistic clients often miss out on holidays and nice experiences because of being socially isolated and unequipped to deal with planning a holiday themselves. Our clients have reported to us that being able to have such a stay where the planning is done for them, they get to be around other autistic people who understand them a lot more than most people, and they have the support in place of an autism-specialist counsellor and other specialised staff who they trust and they know can help them, is such a wonderful experience, allowing them to feel part of something and bringing them out of their social isolation for a few days. It also gives them the chance to potentially maintain connections after the stay has happened if they get on particularly well with someone - who they may not have even met otherwise.”

“I'll remember seeing everyone looking happy, relaxed, interacting with each other, and enjoying themselves - a far cry from what we often see when clients come to AfA for counselling support. It's honestly so amazing when you get to see autistic people thriving - and the Landmark Trust 50 for Free breaks give us the opportunity to provide an experience where we can make this happen for them for a few days.”

“A fabulous, positive and happy experience that allowed a group of autistic people to experience something they wouldn't normally, be around others who understand them, feel a part of something and given them a break from their social isolation.”

JIGSAW Thornbury

Crownhill Fort - Weekend

“Our team bring a new meaning to the term 'going above and beyond'. Most of the team are parents of children with additional needs themselves, so are dealing with their own challenges as well as having a life changing impact for the 480 families who are members of JIGSAW Thornbury. We are celebrating our 10th birthday this year, so this was a celebration and chance for some much needed relaxation.”

“I thought I would miss TV and wifi but not having these was actually very good for my overall mental health and feeling that I was taking a break from the world. I went with some friends from work, we all brought some games which was a lovely teambuilding/bonding exercise.”

Our 10 top moments for our 10th birthday trip…

 - Living the Plymouth dream – Ice cream, fish and chips, shopping in the Barbican, being blown away at the Hoe, and most importantly gin tasting.

 - Hopping between rock pools and paddling in the sea

 - Local pub roast dinner

 - Revisiting childhood memories

 - Exploring the fort and wonderful views

 - Escaping distractions and playing many board games

 - No TV and Wi-Fi

 - Homemade scones and baking in the amazing kitchen, enjoyed with jam and local clotted cream

 - The many locks and keys which provided our own private escape room

Guests sitting on the sofa and admiring artwork on the wall

Sheltered Work Opportunities Project

Dunshay Manor - Midweek

“Our service-users would be unable to have a holiday like this without The Landmark Trust and for them, it is something they remember and treasure for many years afterwards. In the short-term it gives them something to look forward to and enjoy and in the longer-term, it leaves them with added confidence and happy memories. The venues are near to home but a million miles away.”

“I moved to the area three years ago and because of my poor mental health, I have struggled to make friends and get to know people. The opportunity to join some of my peers from the charity I attend was a welcome chance to change this.”

Veterans Growth

Goddards - Midweek

“Veterans' Growth works with members of the MOD that suffer with Mental Ill health, we do this using social therapeutic horticulture and veterans travel from all over the UK to attend courses. With the current financial crisis, it will be hard for many of our member to get away this year.”

“The stay helped individuals in different ways and the difference it has made was noticeable to all the support staff there. From individuals opening up more about issues as we sat around in the evening, to individuals taking the lead during activities that they would not normally be comfy doing. The mutual support from participants to other was amazing to witness from discussions to food preparation and navigating the local areas.”

“The thing that will stick with me is the feeling and the vibe of the house when it was full of laughter sometime tears but mainly happy faces. These are happy people that we rarely see being able to put things to one side or share them with other helped the veterans out greatly. One person's partner (who visited for the day) said it was the first time they had seen the laugh in years and that made it all worth it.”

People walking through the forest and an exterior of a large yellow and red brick building

Momentum Children’s Charity

Goddards - Weekend

“It’s normal to struggle with all the emotions that come with having a seriously ill child; every family member will be affected, and everyone will deal with their feelings differently. That's why it's so important for families who need a few days away from the stress of difficult treatments, and just want to enjoy precious time together somewhere open to nature and not too far from home, the opportunity to stay in one of your Landmark Trust Buildings.” 

“I have a daughter who has cancer and is extremely unwell. We went to spend important time as a family.” 

Apna Haq

Howthwaite - Midweek

“Our core work is the sustained recovery of Black and minoritised women and girls experiencing and surviving all forms of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and intersecting harms and marginalisation.”

“To give survivors of abuse, a once in a life time opportunity to go on a residential free from any distractions, respite, socialise, make friends, build confidence. The women that we took with us were all of various ages, survivors of domestic abuse.”

“For a lot of the women it was the first time that they had left home so it was good to be able to relax and unwind away from the environment that would trigger traumas that they endured. All of the women felt rejuvenated and refreshed after the stay.”

Phoenix Bereavement Support

Llywn Celyn - Midweek

“To everyone at Landmark Trust, those who manage and care for this beautiful house, thank you!

We are Phoenix Bereavement Support and we help children and young people when someone close dies. Our team, including trustees, staff and youth ambassadors (volunteers) have been able to stay here for a few days, courtesy of the Landmark Trust and those who support it. We have spent time reviewing our programme of support together, to make it the best it can possibly be. We have been able to hear inspiring ideas from our Youth Group and found it awe-inspiring to know more about their experience. We have also all got to know each other better, laughed, cried and played.

We are very grateful indeed for the opportunity to be here, warm, comfortable and cared for. We would never be able to afford such a glorious opportunity as a tiny charity! Thank you to the lovely team who told us that our mission is close to their hearts. We have learned so much, and we aim to continue to light the way for those going through grief so that they can find a way forward.”


Llywn Celyn - Weekend

“AzuKo’s mission is to end housing poverty. We also work hard to break down barriers to architecture, recognising inequality in the sector itself.”

“I think this journey is going to be one of the most memorable journeys of my life. I’m not going to ever forget it.” – Maharoof

“I have never been in such a beautiful building… I feel very very lucky and privileged to be given this opportunity, and to be in this gorgeous property.” – Madeline

“It’s so isolated from the city that you kind of feel that you are in a soothing place, away from all the noises of the city, and the traffic. You can really put your mind at ease, without any distraction.” – Rohan

“I really like this building. It’s really valuable… We should work more in the future on saving our cultural and heritage buildings in order to let our next generations understand what our parents, or our older generations, passed through.” – Mosbah

“It’s been a great venue for an architecture workshop because it really helps you appreciate the art when you’re in a place where the art is on such great display… It’s truly magical.” – Joseph

A group of people sat around a table filled with paper


Morpeth Castle - Midweek

“The charity I work for deals with a wide range of people, many of them vulnerable or in need of day to day assistance. Using this scheme allows us to provide them with a holiday experience many of them have never or would never get to have.”

“The view from the top of the castle was truly stunning, combined with the local heritage, history and the warmth of the local population will all live long in the memory.”

One of the people who stayed said: “This break away helped my mental health, and it was lovely to see different sights and meeting new people. I feel so much more relaxed now I have come back and I feel like I am more motivated to do different things.”

black and white image of people standing outside a castle wall

Building Self-Belief CIO

Morpeth Castle - Midweek

“We used the building for some leisure time, but we also spent some time working on our future plans for our Youth Panel and Youth Manifesto as well as for our resource hub for young people.”

“We loved the turrets and the views across the countryside and the town of Morpeth.

A group of people standing next to a statue


New Inn - Midweek

“The young people we support have often had a traumatic start in life and need opportunities to develop positive relationships and life skills. During these trips we run a range of activities, from arts and crafts, to walks, to filming and photography and much more.”

“The house had a magical atmosphere. You could feel the history of the building as soon as you stepped in through the door. The old wooden beams reminded everyone of what life must have been like hundreds of years ago. It was a very special experience for young people whose needs and opinions are not always considered important.”

“I would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of all of Break and especially the Break young people. Opportunities like these have a huge impact on people’s lives. It helps them move out of their comfort zone and get a feel for what life used to be like. The young people we work with can’t afford a holiday, so staying in a historic building for a few nights is a unique and life changing opportunity for them.”


Old Parsonage - Weekend

“I really loved the way it was made with large windows to let more light in and most of the materials were very sustainable which was really inspiring” “I liked how it blended in with nature like the river which was at a safe distance”

“We used it to stay as a base to gel our young women’s group, cook together and explore Oxford. Some group members study architecture or photography so there were great learning experiences for them staying in the building.”

“Thank you so much for enabling this opportunity. The girls learned so much by having a completely different experience to their everyday lives. They live in tiny, overcrowded flats with a lot of stresses so it was wonderful to see them unfurl.”

A person in a white rain jacket looking out onto the river

Creative Sustainability CIC

Silverton Park Stables - Midweek

“We just wanted to say thank you so much for our time at Silverton Stables this week. We took a group between the ages of 18 and 24, who we knew needed a little extra space and time, and many of whom have spent much of their lives slipping through the net.

We had a wide range of needs in the group, most of whom have joined our programme looking for support with their wellbeing, looking for work, alongside the complexities of life in general. The entire group shared a lived experience of anxiety and depression.

It should also be mentioned that two of our cohort had been forced to flee their homes within the last year. They are now facing the daily struggles that come with being displaced and trying to resettle here in the UK.”

A group of people standing outside a red brick building


The Pineapple - Weekend

“Circle is a Scottish charity working at the heart of deprived communities across central Scotland. We work alongside the whole family, building on their strengths. We support families facing multiple disadvantages because of structural inequality, poverty, poor mental health, drug and alcohol use, trauma, abuse and loss.”

“It felt like ‘home', so peaceful and comfortable and totally different atmosphere from home life.”

A stone building shaped like a pineapple


The Whitehouse - Weekend

“I was chosen for the stay by SOLA Arts, who have supported me and my family. I was a participant, and then a volunteer, and SOLA Arts have seen my progress and how hard I have been working. I have had a difficult time with my family and SOLA Arts offered me the stay to show their appreciation for my efforts and to show their ongoing support for me and my family’s mental health. I am very grateful to the Landmark Trust 50 for Free for offering SOLA Arts this opportunity which I have enjoyed.”

“The stay helped me to give up TV for a few days and spend time with my family and escape the daily detail of life. It helped my mental health so much, and even my family felt like they were recharged. This was a new experience for our children too, and they loved how comfortable and cosy the house was and how calm it made them feel.”

Children and adults sitting round a fireplace

Carers Isle of Wight

Wilmington Priory - Midweek

Elizabeth explained why she needed this 50 for Free stay:

“I am an unpaid carer who has cared for my husband for over 50 years. It can be a really hard job, I had to give up my career and we have struggled with many elements of his mental health, it means I am quite isolated and I cannot just go and meet up with friends.”

“The fact that there was no TV meant we could enjoy playing games in the evening. The family time was just so great, especially as we lost Christmas due to covid.”

“I feel that I count, it has given the family time together in an enjoyable setting, thank you”

Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service

Winsford Cottage Hospital - Weekend

The charity decided to award the stay to a family who they have worked with. The family told us about their experience during their stay:

“Our baby son passed away recently, after prolonged hospital admissions and surgery, which took an impact on us and our elder son, so this was an opportunity, for us to get away and spend time together.”

“Our favourite thing about the building was the long corridor with the mosaic tiles, our son loved running up and down.”

“We built Lego together, played with toy cars and enjoyed sitting together at the table without distractions for meals.”

“Our son particularly loved that the building used to be a hospital and made mention of this when he did his show and tell at school.”

People walking down a corridor with yellow mosaic tiles


Silverton Park Stables - Weekend

"Supersmashers is an art and play project for looked-after children aged 6-12 living in Southwark, based at the South London Gallery. We provide a safe, familiar place for the children to develop better social skills, equipping them with the tools to allow them to better express their ideas and feelings to each other, their carers and the world. This trip was a great experience for children to see a new part of the country (many children had never left London), experience new things (the beach) and have a good time away from the challenges of home (cooking & playing in the house)"

"All the children were blown away - it was their 'castle' for the weekend, they ran around checking out all the rooms, getting excited, being a bit scared with the horse pictures, talking about all the different house features, excited to have their own bathrooms and very impressed with the scale of the place!"

A group of children playing outside

Sarah's Stroke and Communication Group (Stroke Association)

Alton Station - Midweek

“I organised the stay for our stroke group as the members have Aphasia (a communication impairment) which makes work difficult and socialising is a challenge. This stay allowed the members to have a break with people that understand their condition and provide peer support to make the break easier and more enjoyable.”

“We had lovely meals together as a group. With no TV or WiFi distractions, we had many lovely conversations and played games and really bonded over the 5 days.”

A group of people outside a brick building

River House Trust

New Inn - Weekend

“As you know many of our clients rarely leave London and some find it difficult to do anything on their own. This gives some of the group a chance to explore other parts of the UK, and have that really important interaction with other people. Green spaces, conversation is so important to our members mental well-being.”

“We used it as a base (lovely breakfast's, dinners and wonderful slumber) we went out and explored the countryside and did some sightseeing (Sutton Hoo), Woodbridge and Snape. Some of the group went on rambles to explore more nature. One evening we went to the young adults opera at Snape.”

“I was totally refreshed both physically and spiritually”

“I feel revitalised. I’m more appreciative of the lovely countryside.”


Old Light Tower, Lundy - Midweek

“As an opportunity to support three people with additional needs to develop new friendships, learn new skills and to experience a holiday away from home.”

“From the very beginning, from arriving at the heliport to opening the door to the lighthouse building we were all utterly amazed. Flying in a helicopter was a new experience for all of the group and really took us by to a new high. The accommodation itself was beautiful and in a wonderful setting. We were all lost for words at seeing the building and so pleased when we entered the building and took in our amazing surroundings.”

“Our group has come away from the trip feeling refreshed and invigorated. We have bonded and formed greater relationships and will hold the memories we have made for the rest of our lives.”

“To have such an opportunity as this for our members allows them to widen their views and their experience of the world and gives them something they could never otherwise have had in their lives. The Landmark Trust has changed the lives of our group in giving us such an opportunity.”

Kintyre Link Club

Saddell House - Weekend

“The Kintyre Link club supports people with poor mental health, they are also all on low income and don’t normally get a break away from their day to day situations.

They would not normally be able to afford a break or have anyone to go away with, the 50 for free stay was an ideal chance for them to enjoy a break, be with friends and recharge their batteries.”

“The stay enabled us to recharge our batteries, no TV, limited internet and being together has strengthened the group and brought us back together. We feel refreshed and very grateful.”