50 for Free 2024

Read about this year's 50 for Free groups and the impact of their Landmark stays.

Aspiration, Creation, Elevation

Silverton Park Stables, Devon

'A unique, mentally uplifting and physically relaxing experience that we're extremely grateful for.'

ACE team member: 'Participants had a relaxing, fun and engaging stay. They learned a lot and made new social connections. This was the first time most of them had experienced a countryside stay of this nature. We spent most of our stay delivering employment and personal workshops to our cohort of young people.'

Aspiration Creation Elevation based in Bristol, gives disadvantaged young people the chance to creatively express themselves and develop personally through engagement in music, role-model guidance and inspirational experiences.

Vision of Adventure

Howthwaite, Cumbria

'We spent more time in the house than we would with usual holidays, with comfortable rooms and multiple lounges and meetings spaces, there was room for everyone to do things they enjoyed at their own pace.'

'I got to experience activities, I would not otherwise have access to as a blind person, including hillwalking, running, some rock scrambling, and therefore benefited physically and mentally from this [stay]. I came away feeling inspired to do more and I felt that my confidence as a VI (visually impaired) person greatly improved.'
Dee Jones, VoA participant

Vision of Adventure, Cumbria, reduces isolation and loneliness in otherwise able-bodied, visually impaired adults by bringing them together for adventurous activities.


Rosemary Foundation

Belmont, Dorset

'A relaxing, quiet retreat to reminisce and honour a special friend and colleague.'

'Myself and three [palliative care nurse] colleagues were able to switch off from work completely and relax and reflect on the care and support we recently gave a dear colleague and friend, while she was going through cancer treatment. We also supported her and her family while she was dying. We were able to reminisce on the memories we all shared. We were due to go away with her on a pre booked trip, however that was not to be, so we named this weekend in her memory. Her family met us in Lyme Regis, for a day at the beach. This coincided with being their first Mother’s Day without her. Such a special weekend.' Rosemary Foundation nurse. 

The Rosemary Foundation, Sussex, provides nurse-led care for patients and support for carers, in their own home as life draws to a close.

Safe Foundation

Old Light Lower, Lundy

'From the moment we took off from Hartland in the helicopter to the moment we landed, we felt completely stress free. The atmosphere on Lundy felt unique in that the pace of life was really dictated by nature.. A very peaceful and relaxing environment in contrast to a busy and stressful work situation. It gave us the opportunity to completely relax. Being able to switch off so completely was amazing and we came back feeling completely rested and rejuvenated.'
'All the staff we came into contact with were friendly, warm, helpful and engaging. It was lovely to see them working as a team and enjoying their jobs and downtime. Everyone we spoke to was passionate about Lundy and also sharing tips and hints on what to see and where to go to see wildlife.' Safe Foundation participant

SAFE Foundation, Devon provides intensive psychotherapeutic support to enable survivors of domestic abuse and trauma to recover from their experiences.


Silverton Park Stables, Devon

'AzuKo used the 50 for Free stay to run our course, Designing with dignity, providing an introduction to co-design. We prioritised students who face discrimination in access to architectural education, employment, or participating in community development e.g. women/girls, and minority groups.'

'It’s amazing. I really love the courtyard space, it’s beautiful. I love the site as well. How it’s off grid. I’m from London, it’s so busy, so hectic… Here there’s no wifi, it allows you to connect with real life stuff. It still has the feeling of a stable, a feeling of the original building, but in a way that’s really comfortable.'
Bihi, AzuKo participant

AzuKo, based in London, works to end housing poverty in UK and Bangladesh. They believe that everyone deserves a safe, clean and dignified place to call home.

Building Self Belief

Old Place of Monreith, Portwilliam

'We loved the peace and tranquillity in a stunning and historic building. It was an experience that is unique and was a fabulous way to say thank you to some of our volunteers
We think the 50 for Free is a wonderful initiative & a lovely way to give something back to charitable organisations that do so much good work.'
Christine Thomas, Building Self Belief CIO

Building Self-Belief CIO Building Self-Belief CIO’s core aim is to build stronger communities by measurably improving the mental health and life chances of vulnerable young people, across socio-economically deprived areas of the North East.

Action for Neurodiversity

Alton Station, Staffordshire

'Our stay gave autistic adults with social interaction/communication difficulties the chance to mix and mingle safely and securely. The support dogs we were allowed to take brought great comfort to the group.' Action for Neurodiversity team member

Action for Neurodiversity, Northamptonshire, offers autism-specialist counselling for those living with, and those living alongside autism and Asperger's syndrome.

Sefton Young Carers

Dolbelydr, North Wales

'I was able to relax in the bath and take all the time I needed, I can't do that at home.'

'The young carers enjoyed the opportunity to explore the local area - surrounding towns with lots of things to do for young people. We really enjoyed the stay it was very much appreciated. We can't fault the property, it was spotless and great amenities.'

Sefton Young Carers provides young carers with personalised support plans, opportunities for respite from their caring role and the chance to socialise with other young carers who are facing similar challenges.


Goddards, Surrey

'Coming back from a weekend,
I feel so truly blessed,
Spending time with 6 people,
Who truly are the best,
As a person who only knew isolation,
When placing a bet,
More and more I am managing to lay my ghosts to rest,
So I have to say thank you everyone,
You made an old lady smile,
One day at a time life is changing,
And you all have enhanced mine.
Thank you Goddards and Betknowmore.'
50 for Free participant poem

'A once-in-a lifetime stay in the most beautiful, magical house I have ever visited; Goddard’s is like stepping into another world in the most wonderful way.' Betknowmore participant

Betknowmore UK is a UK charity helping people take control of their life back from gambling.

The Restoration Trust

Cavendish Hall, Suffolk

'Our stay brought together Restoration Trust participants aged under two to almost 90 from Great Yarmouth and Waveney, staff and trustees and expert advisers.
Staying overnight away from home is an incredible achievement for our participants.
In some cases, participants need cover for their caring responsibilities, they may be very anxious about unfamiliarity, new spaces are challenging because of disability, eating together can be problematic, and tolerating others in groups may also be difficult.
Overcoming these barriers in a beautiful, well looked after, interesting place has long term impact on individuals, and on us as an organisation.'
Laura Drysdale, Director, Restoration Trust

The Restoration Trust, East Anglia, initiates and runs projects that connect people who live with mental health issues with heritage, archaeology, ancient landscapes, historic places and archives.

Kintyre Link Club

Saddell House, Argyll

'Our group were able to have some quality time away together, we laughed, we walked, we explored and we enjoyed each other's company making memories and building on friendships. We explored the beach and coastline, Saddell Abbey and the surrounding area, we enjoyed some crafts which we took with us and also some games. We had fun cooking together and eating the delicious food we made.
This was our 2nd year in being successful with the 50 for Free scheme and once again we enjoyed every minute of our stay. Being able to get away for just a short time means so much to our members, and they always come away feeling refreshed and relaxed after a weekend at Saddell House.'
Tracey Chambers, Kintyre Link Club

Kintyre Link Club, Argyll, Scotland, is a support group ran by members for members and their families who suffer from poor mental health.