Feedback from 2019 Futures stays

University of Leeds

Silverton Park Stables, Devon

“Taking time to focus on writing my thesis without the distractions of everyday life meant that I was able to complete a draft half of my thesis. As an ecologist and a conservationist, it was a beautiful area to study in and the lack of WiFi helped me to focus on writing on my thesis".

Emma James (Masters in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation)

Swansea University, Monmouthshire

Llwyn Celyn, Cwmyoy

“Life is hectic and we, as a team, rarely find time to sit together and thing about our research. This Futures stay gave us that time and the calm environment, and freedom from distraction, allowed us to look at the research in a new way. Being in a calm and beautiful environment encourages creativity and lateral thinking. We were able to stand back from the detail of the research and see the big picture".

Professor Danny McCarroll (Professor, Stable Isotope Dendrochronology)

University of Worcester

Woodspring Priory, Somerset

"Being able to stay with our supervisors to focus purely on our research, discussing our research as well as working on it, and also having seminar discussions with our peers and the supervisors over articles, improving our critical thinking".

Samantha Lynch  (1st year MRes – 9th-12th century pottery in the Mendip Hills & its environs)

Queen Margaret University

Shore Cottage No 2, Scotland

“As an international student from Canada I would not have had the opportunity to visit so many rural arts organisations and learn about their innovative processes without the support of the Landmark Futures initiative. This trip has serve as a jumping off point for my dissertation research by exploring the different forms that innovation and intrapreneurship can take in rural arts organisation".

Paige Goodman (MA Student – Rural Arts Management)

University of Liverpool and University of Sterling

Auchinleck House, Ochiltree

“The trip provided an excellent networking opportunity, allowing me to get to know likeminded scholars working on similar topics in my age group. It was also an excellent working environment, in which I got a great deal of writing done.”

First-year PhD Candidate, University of Liverpool (British India and Book History in the Long-Eighteenth Century)

“The opportunity to discuss my own work with colleagues and students working in subject areas close to my own was invaluable. Continuing conversations over several days in a relaxed and informal environment was very valuable."

Katie Halsey, Senior Lecturer, University of Stirling (Eighteenth-Century Print Culture)

University of Oxford

Egyptian House, Penzance

“My research and collaborative work have profited immensely from a weekend stay at the Egyptian House. Being in Penzance, without internet connection (= distraction) on my laptop, allowed me to ‘put some distance’ between myself and the objects of my study/my academic sources in the library.”

“During the stay, I prepared a lecture for the general public – successively given at the Southampton Ancient Egyptian Society – and part of an essay to be published in a volume by the Getty Museum.”

Luigi Prada (Early Career Research Fellow – Egyptomania/Egyptian Revival)

Cavendish Hall, Suffolk

University of Cambridge, Sainsbury Laboratory

“Usually writing is a very individual activity, but having lots of other people who are doing the same thing around, makes being productive easier. It was great to have time dedicated to writing.”

Third year PhD student (Plant fungal interactions)

I managed to get a lot of work done, while also managing to have a refreshing, rejuvenating experience. Being out in the countryside with people interested in plants, forestry, and such, made for an interesting exchange and learning experience. The isolated venue led to significant amounts of networking, which I appreciated greatly".

Henrik Ahl (Second year PhD, Applied Mathematics/Image Analysis/ Computational Plant Biology)

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