Frequently asked questions and clarifications

Stage 1 submission, Clarification of documentation issued 31 July 2017

1. The Expressions of Interest received will be checked for completeness and compliance by the procurement administrator of the Landmark Trust.

2. The past relevant experience submissions of the 2 single side A3 (PDF form) will be fully anonymised and any logos or other individual operator indicia will be removed by the procurement administrator before they are forward to Stage 1 Jury for review and assessment.

3. The assessment of the Expressions of Interest received including the past relevant experience A3 submission will commence after the 16th of August 2017.

4. The Landmark Trust proposes to select between 5 to 8 candidates to shortlist for the next stage. However, the Landmark Trust reserves the right, to be exercised at its own reasonable discretion, including the promised honoraria financial considerations, to select 9 and a maximum of 10 candidates of equal calibre if necessary.

5. No Member of the Stage 2 Jury will be present at the site visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the anticipated construction value of the project?

£2.3 million


2. May we submit as a joint bid with another architect or conservation architect in Stage 1? If so do you require a PQQ from both practices?

We are happy to receive joint bid submissions with examples from both practices on the A3 sheets. The lead consultant should fill in the PQQ including any other partners in the consortia section of the form


3. Are you looking for pictures / images / drawings only or can we also briefly describe the projects in text, to explain their context, their purpose, their cost etc. and include the names and role of the clients? 

You can include any information about projects, written photographic or drawn, providing it does not make reference to the company applying or individuals from that practice.


4. In the introduction to the Architectural design team, should CVs or practice information be included projects only? -

The A3 boards should only contain examples of previous or current work, with no reference to individuals. Descriptions of the service you can offer, company design philosophy and approach to this kind of commission would be acceptable, providing the company name or the names of individuals are kept out of the 2 A3 sheets. Full details of the design team will be required at the second stage.


5. Do sub-contractors need to be named in the first stage?

Sub-contractors do not need to be named in the first round, however if you are proposing making a joint submission with another architect, their details will need to be included in the PQQ under consortia.


6. Our company has only recently been set up and we are unable to provide 2 years of accounts, are we eligible to make a submission?

You are eligible to make a submission. Please submit a statement of the cash flow forecast for the current year and a bank letter outlining the current cash and credit position instead of 2 years accounts.

7. Do all architects and engineers need to be conservation accredited? 

At stage one we do not need details of your team. If you are selected to proceed to stage two we will send you full details of the qualification requirements of each of the consultants.


8. Could you please clarify what the minimum turnover in the accounts you are looking for to qualify?

We do not require a minimum turnover at stage one, we will be assessing applicants on their financial stability