Tower Hill revitalised

Watch behind the scenes

Each year, some 65,000 people stay in Landmarks. We use the feedback generously provided, together with the expertise of our surveyor, crafts and operational teams plus trusted consultants, to plan regular cycles of refurbishment across the portfolio.

We undertake major upgrades at one or two buildings a year - perhaps increasing bathroom provision or renewing electrics, introducing new kitchen facilities or enhancing storage. We might re-plaster, re-point or re-paint too. Such maintenance nurtures the historic fabric of our buildings, sustaining them for the benefit of future guests.

In late 2021 we turned our attention to Tower Hill, a Landmark for six nestled next to St David’s Cathedral. First opened in 1973, generations of Landmarkers have made the journey, often taking the long road west through the Pembrokeshire peninsular.

Local contractor Steve Kind lead a two-month programme of works. His team upgraded, rearranged and redecorated, enhancing bathroom provision, enlarging bedroom space and installing new kitchen units.

Watch the video below to meet Steve and his team, learn more about his longstanding work for Landmark, and see Tower Hill’s transformation unfold.

Tower Hill