Enhancing The Mackintosh Building

New shower and enhanced fireplace

At the turn of the 20th century, Glasgow architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh was designing his best work. In 1903 he was working on the famous Willow Tea Rooms in the heart of his hometown, today renowned worldwide. Some 50 miles north, he was also working on the two-storey shop and flat today known as The Mackintosh Building.

A striking corner building in the small town of Comrie, the first-floor flat opened as a Landmark in 1985. Regular maintenance has kept characteristic Mackintosh detailing alive, the spare modernism and airy rooms loved by many.

For 119 years – including 37 as a Landmark – the bathroom has solely included a bath. As part of our commitment to improving bathroom provisions across our portfolio, surveyor for Scotland Zac Manning has overseen the gentle revolution of introducing a shower.

Working with Chris Pritchard of William Waugh Builders, first the hand wash basin was relocated. Next new boarding and tiles were laid over original, new crafted to match original profiles. A screened window was especially designed and commissioned, in keeping with the profile of window frame, to sit between bath and shower and facilitate maximum opportunity for natural light.

During the bathroom works, we also took the opportunity to repair the fireplace hearth with new tiles, manufactured to replicate the existing style. These repairs were undertaken by tile conservator Andrew Little of WERE Restoration.


'We repaired the fireplace hearth with new tiles, manufactured to replicate the existing style.' - Zac Manning


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