Virtual tours of Llwyn Celyn

Explore the historic site of Llwyn Celyn in Monmouthshire, with our virtual tour in either English or Welsh. Then scroll down to find an exciting hybrid tour which allows you to compare how the site would have looked in the 15th century to how it looks today, following our restoration. With huge thanks to AH scanning and National Lottery Players who, without their support none of this would be possible.

Right click on a tour and select 'Enter fullscreen.' 


English tour 


Welsh tour 

This tour contains some Welsh translations, with further translation to follow. On the 360 items please click 'select an annotation' to view the Welsh description.


Hybrid tour 

This is a reconstructed tour of Llwyn Celyn as it looks today, and how it would have looked in the 15th century, based on historical records. Click on the icons in the bottom corners of the tour to switch between past and present. Remember, the floorplan of the building was different in the 15th century, so not all rooms exist in both times.


Flythrough tour

Experience what Llwyn Celyn would have looked like in the 15th century in this flythrough video. See the furniture, decor and roaring fires in the main farmhouse in this reconstruction of the interior of the building.

The site at Llwyn Celyn