Me & My Landmark

General Manager for Crownhill Fort Ed Donohue talks about his role

General Manager Ed Donohue at Crownhill Fort

My first involvement with Landmark was on a holiday to Danescombe Mine when I was 4 years old. I grew up staying in Landmark properties but never expected to work at one! I joined Landmark in 2003 carrying out various jobs at properties in the South West before taking command of Crownhill Fort in 2010.

 I like that there is always something happening at Crownhill Fort yet it never seems noisy or busy. As well as a regular flow of Landmarkers arriving for their holidays, there are also 15 small businesses based within the former military buildings. Add school visits and public open days to this and there is never an opportunity to become bored. There is also a lot to be said for a job where you can fire a Victorian cannon, albeit for ceremonial purposes only!

 I think it would be impossible to describe a typical group who book a holiday at Crownhill Fort. There are several regular visitors that return year after year. In the past 12 months I have welcomed families, groups of friends, ex-servicemen who used to be based here and a group of Fortress enthusiasts.

 My favourite room is the North Caponier. It is one of six structures built around the outside of the Fort to keep the defensive ditch clear of enemy troops. It has been restored to its 1890s layout, complete with atmospheric lighting, cast iron stoves, wooden shutters and a working cannon. The acoustics are fantastic when firing takes place!

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