Me & My Landmark

Antonella Codogno gives an insight into her role as Custodian of Villa dei Vescovi, Italy

I was born in Padua where I took classical studies. I met my husband Franco there, and it was where our son and daughter Giorgio and Caterina were born. I have always lived in Padua where I worked for my family’s company. I am always cultivating my love of art history.

By chance in 2011 I came to Luvigliano di Torreglia and discovered the Villa dei Vescovi, a precious gem of the Italian Renaissance, whose restoration was being completed by F.A.I., the Fondo Ambiente Italiano. It was love at first sight! Franco and I were taken on as custodians and since June 2011 we have had the great privilege of living here and welcoming visitors of all ages and from all over the world to the Villa and the two Landmark apartments within it, the Mansarda del Frutteto and Mansarda del Vigneto

It is as if a new life started for me and also for the splendid Villa dei Vescovi, which since then has attracted many visitors. It is a wonderful house for all.

Since then I have very enthusiastically looked after the housekeeping, as well as welcoming the numerous visitors and guests of all ages. I take great delight in seeing everyone's amazement at the beauty of the villa and gain deep satisfaction from the knowledge that each person leaves it with memories of a place so unique for its art and nature.