The Lundy Fund

Your gift to The Lundy Fund will help us to create a secure and sustainable future

You can help keep a special place alive

Lundy, a tiny island in the Bristol Channel, is a place for all who want to enjoy its beauty and precious environment. It is recognised as one of the most important sites for nature conservation in the UK.

If we are to keep Lundy special, and build on the foundation of more than 40 years’ work, we need your help. The Lundy Fund helps to protect the environment, enhance understanding and enjoyment, and create a sustainable future for the island.

“Those who find it and are ‘hooked’ by it have ever after something special in common with each other - be they bird watchers, archaeologists, botanists, climbers, divers, lovers of solitude, or lovers of good company.”

Sir John Smith, shortly after Landmark became responsible for Lundy in 1969.

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   Why The Lundy Fund is important

        Nothing on Lundy can be taken for granted. Your contribution to The Lundy Fund can...

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Your gift to The Lundy Fund will:

Help us to undertake projects essential to the island's survival.

  • protect species unique to the island
  • subsidise costs for 140 working volunteers each year
  • cover travel to Lundy for school groups to learn about the island, ensuring the next generation cares for Lundy as you do
  • conserve historical remains

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Supporting Landmark

We need your help to maintain the fragile balance between sustaining Lundy and welcoming visitors, whilst protecting its unblemished qualities and remarkable natural habitats.