Extensive works at Ascog House

On the east coast of the Isle of Bute, stands Ascog House, its stone staircase worn by feet over two centuries. Stirling-based Surveyor Zac Manning has recently overseen the house's extensive refresh and addition of a new EV (electric vehicle) charger. Zac, who looks after 25 Landmarks spread across Scotland, sent us a quick update from the site...

'The house has been redecorated throughout, including significant plaster repairs and an overhaul of the window ironmongery. We also took the opportunity to sand back and re-oil one of the bathroom floors. These works were completed by B.R. Wilkinson & Sons Decorators from Campbeltown, our trusted, local family run business of decorators.'



ascog-house-plaster-carousel-600x400.jpgIn response to customer demand, we've installed a new EV Charger, secured to timber sleeper post at the side of Tom’s Tower (pictured below). These works were completed by Roche Technical, who also installed a charger over at Auchinleck House.



Outside masons have repaired some of the boundary walls and carried out landscaping works to improve track drainage, with a particular focus on the car park area. Works were undertaken by Daniel McCready, an experienced sole trader based on Bute. Further works included heating and plumbing improvements with Jim Spiers from building contractors George Hanson and Nicky McArthur from Buckeridge Installations. This included a replacement boiler heat exchanger and new magnafilter; a new zone thermostat to separate the 1st and 2nd floor to improve the heat circulation and efficiency; and a new hot water boost facility for guest control.'

The team also managed to tackle those small but important maintenance items, including a few dripping taps and showers, as well investigating the serviceability of the existing, 20-yr old water pumps in order to schedule their replacement in the future. A recent guest from Glasgow told us 'Great property for friends or family to gather to go for nice walks, sit by the fire, eat and drink! The Isle of Bute is a wee gem and so easy to get to'.

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