Heritage Protection Plan

Since 1965 the Landmark Trust has been saving historic buildings that are at risk and giving them a new and secure future.

The Landmark Trust Heritage Protection Plan

Action Plan 2013-2015


We are proud of the fact that Landmark plays a wider role in our society, and in the heritage world.  Guided by our charitable objectives, we make our countries richer and more enjoyable places for our visitors and for all who come into contact with our historic estate.  These positive benefits are best expressed by showing how our work fits into the (English) National Heritage Protection Plan—although we do operate of course beyond the bounds of England.


Described in November 2012 by Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, as ‘effectively the business plan for the historic environment’, the National Heritage Protection Plan comprises a framework for heritage protection built around a clear set of priorities that resulted from widespread public consultation. The Plan seeks to ensure that England’s historic environment:

Is not needlessly at risk of damage, erosion or loss

Is experienced, understood and enjoyed by local communities

Contributes to sustainable and distinctive places

Helps deliver positive and sustainable economic growth


The Landmark Trust Heritage Protection Plan demonstrates how Landmark fits into the larger set of activities coordinated by English Heritage, and shows that we are a very significant player in protecting and enjoying the historic environment in England and further afield.