Trusts and Foundations

The support of trusts and foundations, large and small, is vital to our work. With the help of your trust we can:

save buildings, give them new life and continue to look after them.

protect important landscapes.

care for the natural environment and unique, native species of Lundy, a small island in the Bristol Channel.

preserve traditional building skills.

implement a programme of educational activities for children.

Trusts and Foundations have recently helped to fund

-the rescue and restoration of a Georgian villa in Dorset.

 -exceptional work at our existing buildings, such as repair work following storm damage in    extreme weather conditions at coastal properties.

-a programme to eradicate rhododendron, an invasive plant on Lundy, which is threatening native species.

-our work generally. Some trusts and foundations award grants for us to use where the need is greatest.


How your grant could help 


£500 to supply a small library of books in one of our buildings

 £1,000 to carry out tree ring dating to find the age of timbers in a building 

 £3,000 to repair the roof structure of a small building 

 £5,000 to carry out 50m2 of specialist lime plasterwork

 £12,000 to construct an oak spiral staircase for a small turret

 £20,000 for a conservation volunteer programme on Lundy for one year

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