Become a Friend

Landmark Friends are enthusiastic supporters whose subscriptions make an invaluable contribution to our work. In return Friends enjoy a range of benefits providing the opportunity to get closer to Landmark’s work, enjoy its buildings, and meet other like-minded enthusiasts.

  • Benefits


    • Priority booking privileges* to newly opened Landmarks or booking periods
    • A FREE Landmark Handbook and calendar
    • Invitations to visits, receptions and working parties at Landmark buildings or projects, places of special interest and Landmark’s annual lecture**
    • Friends’ house share opportunities giving you the chance to stay in larger Landmarks with fellow members
    • Exclusive Friends’ newsletter
    • Guaranteed copy of the bi-annual Landmark News

    *After Landmark Patrons.

    **these will incur extra charges to cover costs.

  • Membership choices


    Annual Membership

    Individual Friend

    £55 (£48*)

    Joint Friends**

    £90 (£80*)

    Life Membership

    Life Friend


    Joint Life Friends**


    * Amount if paid by Direct Debit

    ** If living at the same address


    Gift Membership
    Membership to the Friends of Landmark is a great gift for anyone who has a passion for architecture, history or heritage. Please use the application form to purchase your gift.







Friends Membership - VAT and donations


To comply with HMRC VAT requirements, please find below a summary of how your membership contribution is split between the value of ‘vatable’ benefits received and the value of the donation:


Membership Level

Value of Benefits (‘vatable’)

Value of Donation




Individual Friend



Joint Friends (at same address)



Individual Friend direct debit



Joint Friends (at same address) direct debit



Life Friend



Joint Life Friends (at same address)




For annual memberships we are able to claim Gift Aid (where applicable) on the whole of your contribution, as this falls within the permissible annual benefits you can receive.  However, for Life Friends and Joint Life Friends, Gift Aid (where applicable) is only claimed on the ‘Value of donation’ element of the contribution, because the value of the benefit is above the permissible level.


The benefits of Life and Joint Life membership are valued as above and the additional amount is a donation which will enable the Landmark Trust to continue its important work.  If you wish to purchase the benefits only, without making a donation, please contact the Friends Office.