Landmark Friends’ priority bookings 2018 bookings

Open online on Saturday 4 March at 2pm

Bookings for stays between 2 July and 31 December 2018 at our ten most popular Landmarks will open for a priority booking period for Landmark Friends from Saturday 4 March at 2pm and by telephone from Monday 6 March (Booking Enquiries 01628 825925).  Bookings will open to the general public on Saturday 11 March.

The following properties will be available for booking:

Astley Castle 
Bush Cottage
China Tower
Clavell Tower
Fox Hall
The Grange
Kingswear Castle
Luttrell's Tower
Martello Tower

You will only be able to book online by logging in using the email address you have registered against your Friends’ membership and your membership will need to be current when the priority booking period opens.  If your membership lapses prior to this we regret that the early booking opportunity will not be available to you.

Already registered online?

To take advantage of the priority booking period you will need to sign in from the Landmark home page, via the ‘Sign in’ logo, in the top right-hand corner before using ‘Search and Book’ to allow you the relevant access.  If you do not sign in first you will not be able to view availability for these properties.  We suggest you try to sign in before 2pm on Saturday 21 May to ensure everything is working as it should.

New Registration

If you have not used the Landmark online booking facility before you will first need to register and set up your on-line account by following the instructions below:

Go to the Landmark home page and click on Gift shop (located at the top of the home page in red).

Select a gift (e.g. Landmark Handbook or Anniversary Mug) and complete the ‘Amount required’ box. There is no need to complete the purchase but this step is necessary in order to bring up the registration page.

Click ‘Next Step’ at the bottom of the page.

This will bring you to the ‘Your details’ page.

Please complete all the fields (name, address, contact details and create an account). Click on the green ‘Create Account’ button once you have finished.

At the top of the page headed ‘Your details’ there will be a grey box saying ‘Signed in’ and underneath this it will say ‘you are currently signed in as ….

Here you will also have the option to ‘Sign out’. Please do so and that is your registration completed.

Please return to the Landmark home page.

To check your registration or update your account details at any time please ‘Sign in’ using the icon in the top right-hand corner of the home page.

If you experience any problems in registering or setting up your on-line account please contact