Calverley Old Hall

West Yorkshire

Calverley Old Hall, in a village between Leeds and Bradford, is a derelict late medieval great hall, solar and chapel of national importance. 


Created by successive generations of wealthy Yorkshire gentry, the Grade I listed Old Hall tells of steadily climbing status, followed by long decline. This complex and much sub-divided site was acquired by Landmark's founder John Smith with great prescience in 1981 to avoid its piecemeal dispersal. We have operated a Landmark there in the 17th-century wing ever since, but only recently has the rest of the site become vacant. The great hall and 14th-century solar block are awe-inspiring in their scale, derelict and floorless in their condition, and technically and financially challenging as a project. We are determined to find a solution for the whole site, which would be the culmination fo a thirty-five year rescue mission.


We are exploring a restoration scheme, and will be looking for the lead funders before a public appeal is launched.