Fairburn Tower

Inverness, Scotland


One of Scotland's finest at-risk tower houses, Fairburn Tower stands tall and alone in glorious countryside a short drive from Inverness. Listed as Category A, Fairburn Tower has been at risk for decades. It has been on Historic Environment Scotland's Historic Castles Register (intended to identify disused castles appropriate for restoration) for twenty years.

A floorless, roofless shaft yet with its internal features otherwise thrillingly intact, Fairburn Tower was built around 1540 for Murdo Mackenzie, Master of the Bedchamber to James V. 

It consists of a five-storey square plan keep with crow-step gables and bartizan corner turrets. Restoration of Scottish tower houses can be controversial but we have Historic Environment Scotland's full support to bring Fairburn Tower back into gentle yet inspiring use as a Landmark. That folkloric Highland figure, the 19th century mystic known as the Brahan Seer, foretold that 'the Mackenzies of Fairburn shall lose their entire possessions; their castle will become inhabited and a cow shall give birth to a calf in the uppermost chamber.' We feel it is time to challenge the prophecy and bring this extraordinary castle back from the brink. 

We are developing a restoration scheme and must also find the lead major funders who will be crucial to enabling the project.