Our plans for Fairburn Tower

All of Fairburn Tower's historic features will be respected and retained as part of the rich character of the interior.

One of the delights of Fairburn Tower is the rich variety of the interior with its many doorways, window openings, gunloops, garderobes and aumbries. All these historic features will be respected and retained as part of the rich character of the interior. 

The Tower is notable for gunports and shot holes, and the quality and detail of the former residential accommodation.  In the early-17th century significant reordering was carried out to improve accommodation and functional amenity.  An added stair tower and the rebuilding of parapet gave a full extra storey of usable space instead of a garret.  These latter works are well preserved, of fine architectural detail, and are in large part responsible for the overall architectural character of the tower. The 18th-century cottages will be left consolidated but unrestored as an outside sitting area.

The five-storey keep will have a room on each floor and accommodate a kitchen, sitting room and two bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms. The undercroft with its arched gun loops will be left for Landmarkers to explore. The restoration of Fairburn Tower will provide an opportunity for craft skills to be honed and passed down to the apprentices who will work on this project with our contractors.

View the Fairburn Tower floor plans here.

Help us save Fairburn Tower:

  • £50 reinstates a dressed stone in one of the crow step gables
  • £100 will protect 1m² of re-pointed stone wall with a lime harling
  • £160 will stitch and repair a 1m long crack in the masonry
  • £200 will glaze one of the 19 shot holes
  • £250 will repair and repoint a stone window lintel

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