Elton House House Share

25-29 November 2019

Elton House is in the very centre of Bath, close to the Abbey. It is a handsome and spacious Georgian building, one that you can imagine characters from Jane Austen novels emerging from.

Elton House overlooks Abbey Green near the remains of the medieval priory, right in the centre of Bath. The earliest part of it dates from just before 1700, but it was subsequently enlarged and refronted by Elizabeth and Jacob Elton, when they purchased the lease from the Duke of Kingston. It was enlarged to provide lodgings for visitors wishing to take the waters. By 1750, it had become a handsome robust building on several floors, with a fine staircase and excellent joinery, arranged as sets of lodgings to accommodate the affluent Georgians who flocked annually to Bath. Thereafter the fashionable world moved up the hill, away from Abbey Green; part of the ground floor became a shop and the rest of the house stayed as it was.