Winsford Cottage Hospital, house share

September 2020

One of the few Friends house shares that could safely go ahead this year, due to Covid, was to Winsford Cottage Hospital. As the account below and photograph shows, it was a great success.

"Our Friends house-share at Winsford Cottage Hospital was sadly reduced in numbers of participants from six (two couples, two singles) to four (the two couples). We very much enjoyed our stay, and over a fire-lit final evening dinner, we composed our logbook entry. Inspired by the first entry in 2019, several subsequent visitors have followed suit. Here is ours:

Date of admission - 28 September 2020.

Date of discharge - 2 October 2020.

Patient names - M Jones and E James, New Forest; G and K Slay, West Sussex.

Condition and reason for admission - Anxiety and depression brought on by not having visited all Landmarks yet (190 for M and E, 50 for G and K).

Medication – Good food, good company, tranquil surroundings.

Treatment – Fresh air and exercise, breakfast on the verandah; walking parts of the coast path; navigating the unclassified roads of Dartmoor; politics-free zone.

Physiotherapy – Walking up and down the corridor; stretching to remove yet another book from the shelves.

Occupational therapy – Collection of fallen apples, preparation, cooking and consumption; lighting a fire in the dining room; completing the Voysey jigsaw.

Outcome – Cleared for discharge, but repeat prescription essential."

Friends members stay at Winsford Cottage Hospital