Landmark Legacy Estate

This area of our work is less well known, but equally important. The Landmark Legacy Estate consists of about 50 buildings, ranging from historic estate cottages to modern flats and shops, many of them given to us through a gift in a Will.

The Reader's House in Ludlow,  will be bequeathed to us by Alan Layng and Richard Grigson


A gift that keeps on giving

These well-loved buildings have passed into our stewardship in the knowledge that we can be relied upon to care for them, and many continue to fulfil their role as part of the local community. We manage them as tenanted property providing a valuable and reliable income for us. 

We will always work with prospective donors in such cases, both to understand their wishes and intentions and to explain our approach with such important gifts. Each building is considered on a case by case basis, and many factors influence our decision. Some owners prefer their homes to continue to serve the community, so a permanent long-term tenant is the best solution. 

Other influences include the historical value or architectural interest of the building, the setting, whether we already have examples of such properties, resources, time or potential funds available. 

To speak to us about leaving a gift in your Will or the Landmark Legacy Estate please contact Linda Millard.