Examples of past legacy gifts

Gifts in Will are making a difference in so many ways. Here are just some of the examples.


One legacy enabled us to purchase Dolbelydr and other legacies helped towards its restoration costs. We are delighted that thanks to the foresight and generosity of these people Dolbelydr is earning its keep and once again welcoming a succession of visitors.

“Over 20 years ago I was taken by a friend to Dolbelydr. She had tried unsuccessfully to interest organisations in its restoration. Sadly she died before Landmark’s involvement. What a loss Dolbelydr would have been. My gift may just tip the balance in another restoration.”

Patricia Badland


Lundy Island

We were first introduced to the Landmark Trust in 1975, when on a day trip to Lundy aboard the M.V. Balmoral from Swansea. We returned to Lundy for several holidays, and of course began our association with Landmark. I think we chalked up 58 visits to various properties but such numbers are irrelevant. It is the quality of the experience that counts.


"Our visits to Lundy have always been rather special, so I would like Peter’s money to be used to keep it that way."

Margaret Williams

We were delighted that Peter’s generous legacy gift was put towards the refurbishment of the lantern room at the top of the Old Lighthouse. It had been on the list of necessary works, waiting its turn for funding, so this gift meant that we able to start work much earlier than we could ever have anticipated.