A gift that keeps on giving

The latest addition to the Landmark Legacy Estate

Top floor flat at Netherne on the Hill

We were bequeathed this flat in the Grade II listed Victorian Water Tower at Netherne on the Hill by Paul Mallier. This is now let to long-term tenants, which brings in a valuable and regular income to help us with our work.

Paul Louis Mallier was born in June, 1935, his father, a cabinet maker, and his mother, an office secretary.

Paul had an innate curiosity and love of learning, and as a teenager he developed a deep interest in art and poetry. He went to University and it was while at college that destiny played a part; answering an ad for a temporary summer job Paul found himself helping out at a family guest house run by a Mr and Mrs Guard in Whitstable. This was of course the home of Nancy Guard, and a few years later, in 1959, Paul and Nancy were married.

Inseparable companions for almost 50 years, the couple immersed themselves in London's cultural life, with weekends a whirl of visits to theatres, concert halls, galleries and museums.

Paul was devastated by Nancy’s death in 2009, which was the catalyst for a new chapter in his life. An important feature of these years included the purchase of the apartment in the Water Tower at Netherne on the Hill. Completely impractical as a home for a man in his late 70's, having narrow spiral staircases and four floors, it nevertheless boasted wonderful views and was fitted with all the latest technology, with wall to wall television screens on which he would re-watch old movies from the 1950s and 60's while sipping a gin and tonic.

Extracts taken from Paul’s Eulogy by kind permission of his niece Yvonne


Paul admired the Landmark Trust, although he’d never stayed in one of our buildings. It was in the summer of 2013 that we first spoke to him about the gift of his flat to us. We discussed his wishes and explained about the Landmark Legacy Estate.

Paul subsequently included this amazing gift in his Will. He attended several events held exclusively for our legacy supporters where our Chairman, Neil Mendoza, was able to thank him personally.

Sadly, Paul died a few years ago but his generous gift is making a vital contribution to our work.

We are indebted to Paul for his great foresight and generosity, making this magnificent bequest, in memory of his late wife, Nancy (née Guard).

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Sackville House in West Sussex was bequeathed to us by Ursula Web.  Her brother, Father Benedict, wrote saying "Nothing would give our family more happiness than to know that the future of Sackville House is assured".