Digital detox breaks

Blissful buildings without phone signal

The prospect of a few days without phone signal could be a treat or torment, depending on your preference. 85% of 16-75 year olds in Britain now have a smart phone, 33% of whom reportedly check it during the night. Apparently half of all meals with friends or family are disrupted by smartphones, and two-fifths of people believe that they use their phone too much.* More research showed that the average person checks their phone 85 times and spends five hours on their phone a day**.

Sigh. Technology undoubtedly has its benefits – here at Landmark we’re doing our best to keep pace with the digital world: our website now takes seven in ten holiday bookings and through social media we reach over 55,000 Landmark enthusiasts. Yet none of our 198 buildings contains televisions or offers wifi, and we find - through feedback - that guests value time spent without them.

A break in a timeless and comfortable space, unencumbered by a digital device, can be many things to many people. Children can raid our new Explorer boxes for puzzles, or delve into some Horrible History on the bookshelf. Our gardens are yours to play or relax in, the local landscape for rambling (or getting lost in, in spite of a well-thumbed OS map). Spot some avian visitors with the help of a Collins Bird Guide, find out which of your group possesses the best fire-making skills, or immerse yourself, perhaps with a glass of red, in the intricacies of the building's History Album. Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy yourself. If time without a phone sounds marvellous rather than miserable here are just a few Landmarks without mobile signal.***