Peake's House Open Days

Colchester, Essex

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September 2021 - 10am to 4pm

*Entry is free but your visit must be pre-booked via EventBrite*

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The Landmark Trust is opening Peake's House  in association with Heritage Open Days. *Entry is free but your visit must be pre-booked via EventBrite* As there are no grounds at this property we would ask that you arrive as close to your entry time as possible.

Peake's House stands in the Dutch Quarter, which has retained its old street plan. Originally three cottages and with Colchester being a centre of the cloth trade, they probably belonged to weavers, the long mullioned windows designed to give light to the men at their looms. The satisfying late Elizabethan interiors of a prosperous merchant’s house provide a particularly atmospheric existence within its walls.

East Anglia, with its close trading ties to Europe, was well placed to take advantage of the thriving wool trade. Linen and wool were the materials from which everyone’s clothes were made and the wool from East Anglia was a highly prized and valuable commodity.
When the Flemish weavers were driven out of their homes during the reign of Elizabeth 1 they were welcomed into the wool towns and cities of Eastern England where they gave a new impetus to the weaving industry.
Come and meet Agnes from Hands on the Past at Peake’s House demonstrating how the raw wool would be prepared for use, spinning and dyeing with natural dyes. John, her husband, is keeping the records and will happily demonstrate how to prepare a quill for use.

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