Help save heritage with our Waitrose tie-up

Order groceries to your home or one of 70 Landmarks

Endangered heritage is probably the last thing on your mind carrying out your weekly shop. Yet our new tie-up with Waitrose means that every time a Landmark booker orders over £100 of groceries online using this special link Waitrose will make a donation of £10 to Landmark if you are a new customer or £5 if you already order groceries from Waitrose. The donations Landmark receives will go directly to our building rescue projects.

Delivery is free and can be to any address (including your home) but crucially Waitrose can deliver to 70 of our most popular Landmarks across the country, listed below. So now you’re able to receive deliveries of food and drink for your holiday, even on a Friday or Monday evening after you've arrived.

If you’re staying at one of the remoter buildings where Waitrose grocery deliveries aren’t possible, you could order items to your home before your stay and take them with you, be it your favourite wine, champagne for a big occasion, or ingredients to cook a special meal. And you can use the link to order groceries at any time to your home, generating up to £10 for Landmark in the process. In addition, Waitrose's Master of Wine has created an exclusive case of wine for Landmarkers, with each case sold contributing £25 towards our fundraising target to save the fragile Cobham Dairy. Landmarkers will also save £22 on the normal price of the outstanding selection of 15 wines. 

Landmark will only receive donations if you use the special link, so please keep it handy. Bear in mind if you order to one of the 70 Landmarks listed below you will need to be there in person to sign for the groceries from the Waitrose driver, so it will have to be after 4pm on your day of arrival.

Order your delivery

We hope you like this idea. We are looking forward to seeing how it goes; and we will keep you up to date with how the Waitrose donations make a difference to saving precious buildings.

Robert McCarthy, Head of E Commerce Trading at Waitrose, a former Trustee of the Victorian Society and an enthusiast for architectural heritage, added:

'We are very proud to work with such a wonderful charity as the Landmark Trust. It saves important buildings in jeopardy and then offers the opportunity to eat, drink and sleep in these unique surroundings for thousands of people each year.'

Waitrose can deliver to the following Landmarks. Please ensure you've provided Waitrose with your mobile number, the full address of the Landmark (included in the booking confirmation email and in the Further Information document) and that one of your group will be in the building to sign for the delivery in person:

32 St Mary's Lane
Abbey Gatehouse
Alton Station
Anderton House
Appleton Water Tower
Astley Castle
Beamsley Hospital
Beckford's Tower
Bromfield Priory Gatehouse
Calverley Old Hall
Causeway House
Cavendish Hall
Cawood Castle
Cawsey House
Cloth Fair, 43
Cloth Fair, 45a
Collegehill House
Crownhill Fort
Egyptian House: 1st Floor
Egyptian House: 2nd Floor
Egyptian House: 3rd Floor
Elton House
Field House
Fox Hall
Freston Tower
Gargunnock House
Gurney Manor
Houghton West Lodge
House of Correction
Iron Bridge House
Langley Gatehouse
Laughton Place
Lengthsmans Cottage
Lynch Lodge
Maesyronen Chapel
Manor Farm
Marshal Wade's House
Methwold Old Vicarage
Morpeth Castle
North Street
Oxenford Gatehouse
Peake's House
Peters Tower
Princelet Street
Sackville House
Shelwick Court
Shute Gatehouse
Silverton Park Stables
Stockwell Farm
Stokers Cottage
Swarkestone Pavilion
The Ancient House
The Chapel
The College
The Grange
The Mackintosh Building
The Martello Tower
The New Inn: High End
The Old Hall
The Old Parsonage
The Parish House
The Priest's House
The Steward's House
Tixall Gatehouse
Wilmington Priory
Wolveton Gatehouse
Woodsford Castle
Woodspring Priory
Wortham Manor

Any order constitutes a transaction between the customer and Waitrose. Landmark has no involvement with the items ordered nor the delivery process. If you encounter any issues or questions about your order please telephone Waitrose's customer services team on 0800 188 884 or 01344 82 5232. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-10pm, Saturday 8am-9pm, and Sunday 9am-7pm.