Thanks to Clipper Tea

Landmark's official tea supplier

Alongside the quintessential Old Chelsea China on the welcome tray in a Landmark are sachets of Clipper Everyday Fairtrade Tea. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Clipper for supplying us with tea over the last three years. More than 200,000 cups of the big bright blend have been supped in our 200 historic buildings.

Clipper’s commitment to producing tea that is natural, fair and delicious has been at the heart of the brand since its launch in 1984. It is what drove Clipper to be the UK’s first Fairtrade tea company in 1994, thereby supporting workers’ rights and ensuring that farmers are paid a fair wage, helping to improve standards in education, health and housing.

We were delighted last year when, after detailed research and testing, Clipper launched plastic-free tea bags. This made Clipper the world’s first tea company to produce unbleached, non-GM, plastic-free bags.

As well as the Big Bright Blend which guests currently enjoy in Landmarks, Clipper offers additional blends, green teas, coffees, hot chocolate and infusions. You can buy the range from most supermarkets, health shops and online.

Cheers to Clipper! 

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