Reflections on Antony Gormley's LAND

A catalogue by Jeanette Winterson

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Author Jeanette Winterson has reflected upon LAND, Antony Gormley’s installation for our 50th year in 2015, in a special art catalogue to record the event. This short book has specially commissioned photos of the five cast-iron sculptures in stunning Landmark settings, and marks the end of a particularly exciting element of Landmark’s 50th anniversary year. Jeanette writes that the works were “resting places, not only for butterflies and passing birds, but for the eye and the mind’s eye”.

The sculptures were installed at five spectacular Landmark sites personally selected by Antony Gormley. Each sculpture was specially designed and created for each building and its surroundings. "The sculptures will be like standing stones" said Antony Gormley at the beginning of the project in 2015, "...markers in space and time, linking with specific places and their histories; catalysts for reflection. LAND invites us to think about our identity and the mindset of a nation surrounded by water, and how that affects the way we make our choices."

One of Antony Gormley's LAND sculptures on Lundy Island

LAND shares many of the themes found in Landmark's work: an engagement with landscape and the habitats we create, and how at a human level we resonate with them. Landmark's buildings are often in remote locations: some of them were intentionally built to stand apart, some are positioned close to the coastline, making them a landmark or point from which to look out at the world. It is this distance in time and isolation and people's place within it that was celebrated in LAND, and which embodies Landmark's work over the past five decades.

Designed as temporary works, the sculptures at Martello Tower, Lengthsman's Cottage, Clavell Tower and Lundy Island have now been de-installed. GRIP, the one at Saddell Bay at Kintyre, will remain permanently thanks to an anonymous donor.