One man & his dog

Alastair Dick-Cleland on the best Landmarks for dog walking

Alastair Dick-Cleland is our Conservation Manager and Surveyor.  He is responsible for the conservation and maintenance of all Landmark’s buildings in the South and East of England, and has managed many of Landmark’s restoration projects ranging from Glenmalloch Lodge to RIBA Stirling Prize winner Astley Castle near Nuneaton.



I am the proud owner of an aged lab called Moose. She has been a faithful companion for many years and not only regularly comes to the office, but she has accompanied me and the family to many a Landmark. Right from Landmark’s beginnings, founder Sir John Smith was very keen that dogs should be allowed wherever they were likely to be happy. With well over one hundred Landmarks in the UK where dogs are welcome, how do you choose? Here are a few of my favourites enjoyed with Moose over the years.


The whole of the Saddell Estate is dog heaven with both a river and sea for those that enjoy taking the waters.  We stayed in Saddell House when she was only a puppy and she must have been a bit overwhelmed by all the space and freedom on offer. Glenmalloch Lodge, at the end of its long track allows walking in any direction.


All three of the Rhiwddolion properties are prefect for our four-legged friends (assuming properly sheep-trained as all good dogs must be, especially now that lambing is upon us). And of course Keeper’s Cottage is a must for all dogs that would like to sample the smart kennel block (admittedly unheated) that the gamekeeper’s dogs once enjoyed. We even restored one of the benches upon which the dogs would have slept.


Maesyronnen Chapel on the fringes of the Brecon Beacons provides endless opportunities for some serious walking but with plenty of shorter options on your doorstep. Hole Cottage is another favourite with miles of delightful walks in this wooded area of the Weald. Moose and I have paid many a visit to Wilmington Priory over the years, and walked up to the Long Man on the Downs, waiting for the Landmarkers to leave  before settling down for an inspection of the property. She’s slowing down these days but is always excited at arriving at the latest dog-friendly Landmark.



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