Lady Percy and Sir Jack Hayward

23 January 2015

Two great and very long lives came to an end last week, as we heard the sad news that Clayre, Lady Percy and Sir Jack Hayward have died.

Clayre Percy was a great friend of our founders Sir John Smith and his wife Christian from their time together at Oxford University. From Landmark’s beginning, Clayre set up our libraries, working closely with the late Sonia Rolt, whom Clayre has outlasted by only a few months. Clayre also researched, wrote and published in her own right, and wrote many of our Scottish history albums. She only retired from working with Landmark a few years ago and we benefited greatly from her gentle erudition. She leaves a lasting legacy in our buildings through her many years of thoughtful and meticulous librarianship.

The great philanthropist Sir Jack Hayward was responsible for buying Lundy for £150,000 in 1969 to save it for the nation, and then presenting it to the National Trust. The National Trust launched the appeal to save Lundy after Landmark offered to underwrite it by managing the island. Jack was also the president of the Lundy Field Society and was held in high regard by many Lundyites, and in particular the field society members who continue to do lots of work on Lundy. Everyone who visits Lundy today has great reason to be grateful for Sir Jack Hayward’s generosity. You can read one of his obituaries here.