Laughton Place - Wallpaper Calendar

March free download

Laughton Place in East Sussex drone image

Laughton Place near Lewes, East Sussex

As a thank you for your continued support, we wanted to provide a free, monthly Landmark desktop calendar, featuring our best photography.

March's edition features Laughton Place, built in the contemporary fashion of the 1530s and adorned with decorative terracotta, moulded into a medley of Renaissance and heraldic devices. Select the relevant size or aspect ratio below:

1024 x 768   -  4:3
1280 x 1024   -  5:4
1366 x 768  -  16:9

Once onto the photo page, right click on the image and choose 'save as', then once downloaded, locate the photo on your computer, right click and select 'set as desktop background'.

To discover your screen resolution press the Windows start icon, or, on Mac, open Spotlight, enter the search and type ‘Adjust screen resolution’, there will be a link from the results which, when clicked, will show what your current resolution is. You can then download the corresponding background.

Check back next month for the next installment, we hope you enjoy it!