A Landmark with a view

A building’s setting is a key consideration for the Landmark team when deciding which buildings to save. Once they've been brought back to life as holiday accommodation, many become deservedly popular for their exceptional views. One might expect a captivating view from towers such as Clavell, Martello or the appropriately named Prospect Tower, but a variety of our buildings - whether miniature or monumental - offer a memorable vista.

Landmarks possess many views, so we’ve selected three special buildings to represent five different themes; countryside; coastal; garden; river/lake and city/town. We’ve noted the impression created the building's aspect on our guests. Whether you seek an uplifting or soothing stay, there is a Landmark to suit your tastes. 

Robin Hood’s Hut, near Goathurst, Somerset

An elegant, petite pavilion with colossal views across the Somerset Levels, the Mendip Hills and the Bristol Channel to the mountains of South Wales.  Sleeps 2 from £35 pppn (per person per night) for 4 nights.

‘Opened the great rear door and ‘wow’. The view left us standing there speechless. This is a magic place.’ 

Whiteford Temple, near Callington, Cornwall 

This handsome granite building is a well-designed ornament within its fine open landscape, with views stretching out over a patchwork of colourful fields towards the Tamar estuary in the distance. Sleeps 2 from £21.50 pppn for 4 nights.

‘What a room with a view...a temple worth waiting for’

The Pigsty, Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire

A classically-inspired former ‘palace’ for a pair of pampered pigs, with a view over the rolling hills and Robin Hood’s Bay that is undoubtedly more fitting for an Empress.   Sleeps 2 from £32.75 pppn for 4 nights.

‘If pigs could fly, they would want to land here.’

Castle Bungalow, near Peppercombe, Devon

The seascape from Landmarks can be tranquil or powerful - states that can be equally alluring. Castle Bungalow is a delightful cream and brown weather-boarded bungalow that has a panoramic vista across a meadow and the North Devon coast - an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Sleeps 4 from £21.56 pppn for 4 nights.

‘As soon as we opened the door onto the verandah we knew that the view, and our holiday, would be unforgettable.’

Fort Clonque, Alderney, Channel Islands

Fitted to the great rocks around which it is built, the fort is surprisingly small, open and picturesque with lichen-covered walls and stretches of grass and samphire. It stands heroic and proud keeping watch over the changing sea out towards Guernsey. Sleeps 13 from £14.17 pppn for 4 nights.

‘It was like being in a big granite ocean liner.’

Shore Cottage, Saddell, Kintyre, Argyll and Bute

From this Victorian cottage guests can gaze over the beach with its inviting rock pools, ripe for exploration, and out across the enchanting bay in the direction of Arran. Sleeps 4 from £13.54 pppn for 4 nights

‘A special place – land of rainbows – just amazing having your own beach.’

The Tower, Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire

From the 16th-century tower (part of the National Trust house) guests can observe visitors to this impeccably restored estate, and later when the grounds are closed to the public, explore them all by themselves. Sleeps 2 from £25.13 pppp for 4 nights.

‘Spent a relaxing few days at this magical spot, doing nothing, going nowhere, just soaking up the atmosphere.’

Gothic Temple, Stowe, Buckinghamshire

A fine folly set in one of the world’s most famous landscape gardens, designed by ‘Capability’ Brown, the outlook is equally splendid from any of its many arched windows. Sleeps 4 from £36.38 pppn for 4 nights.

‘We are spoiled for the future. Surely nowhere else in Britain has a view like this.’

The Birdhouse, Badger Dingle, Shropshire

The loggia of this classically-inspired 18th-century pavilion by architect James Wyatt, provides the perfect spot from which to enjoy the Picturesque landscape and this incredibly natural setting. Sleeps 2 from £35 pppn for 4 nights.

‘Watching the wonderful birdlife from the loggia overlooking the tranquil ravine  – magical.’

Freston Tower, Ipswich

This extravagant Elizabethan folly (possibly built to coincide with Elizabeth I’s visit to Ipswich in August 1579) stands sentinel above the River Orwell. From its 26 windows guests can observe the passing traffic on the water just as those in Tudor times used it as a lookout tower for the wealthy merchant owner’s returning ships. Sleeps 4 from £27.38 pppn for 4 nights.

’With 6 storeys and 26 windows through which to enjoy the view…living the high life is given a whole new meaning.’

Ironbridge House, Ironbridge, Shropshire

All the rooms in our accommodation (made up of the top two floors of this former grocer’s premises), with its unrivalled position in the town, overlook the magnificent Iron Bridge itself, and its beguiling reflection in the River Severn. Sleeps 4 from £18.81 pppn for 4 nights.

‘The views from the house are superb and because you are so far up you can people-watch all day without being seen.’

Howthwaite, Grasmere, Lake District

Its view is virtually identical to the one that William Wordsworth and his sister, Dorothy, would have observed from Dove Cottage (which stands immediately in front of and below this building). Wordsworth described Grasmere as ‘the loveliest spot that man hath ever found’, and witnessing the visual spectacle from the windows here, it is easy to see why. Sleeps 4 from £16.34 pppn for 4 nights.

‘Spectacular views, spectacular house. What more could one person (or seven) ask for?’

The Wardrobe, Salisbury, Wiltshire

From these lofty attic rooms which give an extraordinary view of Salisbury Cathedral built in 1220, guests can observe its visitors’ comings and goings and wonder at the fact it took only 38 years to build. At night the Cathedral is particularly awe-inspiring and seems to be floodlit expressly for our guests’ benefit. Sleeps 4 from £24.50 pppn.

‘Even on the short journey from bedroom to bathroom I could not resist a detour to make sure the view was still there.’

Marshal Wade’s House, Bath, Wiltshire

A fashionable 18th-century building built for George Wade, from which you can survey the busy centre of Bath whilst having an eye-level view of the great carving of Jacob’s ladder on the west front of the Abbey. Sleeps 4 from £29.94 pppn for 4 nights.

‘Living here is like having a box at the theatre.’

Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy

The sitting room in this third-floor apartment, looks up the Spanish Steps – the world’s grandest and most sophisticated outdoor staircase – to the church of S.Trinita dei Monti at the top. There are all manner of intriguing displays outside, like when the steps are cleared by water-cannon, or when the horse-drawn cabs, which form a rank at the far end of the Piazza, arrive at dawn, galloping over the cobbles. Sleeps 3 from £78.13 pppn for 4 nights.

‘Views almost unchanged since the Grand Tour – just as inspiring and unforgettable.’