Landmark TV series

Channel 4 series starts on 14th October

Channel 4 Features has commissioned Chocolate Media, a television production company, to create a new series about the Landmark Trust including our experts and buildings. 

The series will follow two of our current major restoration projects:  Belmont and St Edward’s Presbytery, as well as the history behind several other Landmarks. It will start at 8pm on Wednesday 14th October and run for six weeks.

The stories will be told by our experts: Alastair Dick-Cleland - Conservation Manager and Surveyor, John Evetts - Furnishings Manager and Anna Keay - Director of the Landmark Trust, who said:

“This is the first time that the Landmark Trust is letting cameras behind the scenes. Viewers will see the extraordinary work it takes to ensure that important buildings at risk in this country are not lost forever.”

Alex Menzies, of the commission says,
“From restored water towers with connections to royalty to Barns sat in the middle of the Bristol Channel, this series is rich with insight into the practical business of restoration and refurbishment alongside the historical drama that make all the properties as must-save and they are must-see.” 

Alan Brown, Creative Director at Chocolate Media concluded:
“The knowledge of Dr Anna Keay and her team is incredible. Their job is their passion and it shows in the way they talk about the buildings and the detail which has gone into bringing every one of them back to life.”