An art installation for all that marked Landmark’s 50th year

Sculptures by Antony Gormley were installed at five Landmark sites across the UK and were freely available to view until May 2016. Each work was conceived in direct response to its location and the entire project captured the imagination of many people. LAND was intended to be a temporary installation, but we are thrilled that one of the sculptures, GRIP at Sadell Bay, is to remain permanently, thanks to a generous anonymous donor.

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"The Landmark Trust’s 50th anniversary is an occasion to think and feel the nature of our species, its history and future, and its relationship to the huge biodiversity of living beings that exist on the surface of this extraordinary blue planet."

Antony Gormley 

Supported by private donors and

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LAND - an art installation for our 50th year

The Landmark Trust exists to save endangered important buildings and to enable people to inhabit them. For our 50th anniversary we wanted to celebrate this relationship between people, places and time in a new way.

No contemporary artist has been more eloquent and imaginative in considering such questions than Antony Gormley and it is thanks to his support and enthusiasm for Landmark, together with some very generous dedicated donations, that this project has come into being.

Dr Anna Keay
Director, The Landmark Trust