Free holidays in historic buildings for charities and non-profits

Applications for 2019 have now closed. Full results will be announced in mid January 2019.


We're offering 50 self-catering breaks in our amazing historic buildings to charities and non-profit organisations for their nominees in March 2019, absolutely free.

That's 50 short breaks in some of our most treasured Landmarks across England, Scotland and Wales going directly to those who most need a break.

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"It was our first time away as a family since my son's leukaemia diagnosis. In December 2017, he was admitted to hospital six times. We felt like a fractured family of four...

Our weekend at Morpeth Castle was so good for our batteries and doing family was the first time Benny had any freedom since his diagnosis."

Clare, who stayed at Morpeth Castle with her son Benny as part of Cancer Support UK


    "It was a deeply meaningful experience for the children, volunteers and's a great thing that you have enabled us to do" - 2018 benficiary