50 for Free 2018

Landmark's 50 for Free 2018 Beneficiaries Feedback

50 free stays in Landmarks for charities, educational and not-for-profit organisations

This year’s 50 for Free stays have now all happened, and we have had some wonderful feedback from the charities and organisations who benefited. It is both moving and uplifting to see what the breaks meant to those who stayed – we have included some of their feedback in a dedicated page which you can view here.

Landmark also thanks all participating charities for their part in making the stays possible for their beneficiaries, many of whom face heartbreaking challenges in their own lives. We hope the Landmark stays brought respite, hope and lasting memories.

This is now the fifth year Landmark has run the 50 for Free scheme, thanks to the enlightened and generous support of a few key donors. If you would like to help us fund 50 for Free next year, please get in touch. Funding permitting, we hope to launch 50 for Free 2019 in October 2018. 



Balloons stayed at Silverton Park Stables running a bereavement memory weekend for a group of boys aged 9 to 12 whose fathers have died.

“It was a deeply meaningful experience for the children, volunteers and parents. We feel that the children will take home with them a greater sense of their thoughts, feelings and actions, which has been informed by spending time with others who have also lost a parent. It’s a great thing that you have enabled us to do.” - Joanne Overton-Pitts


Action for Asperger’s stayed at Cavendish Hall with a group of their Asperger and Autistic clients.

“Shy, socially awkward autistic adults managed to make friends with each other, chat, play and do all the regular things that’s neurotypical people find so easy to do. The confidence of our clients soared to dizzy heights for the first time in their lives” - Elaine Nicholson, MBE

Cancer Support UK stayed at Morpeth Castle giving a family whose son was diagnosed with leukaemia and is undergoing chemotherapy the chance for a break.

“It was our first time away as a family since his leukaemia diagnosis in May 2017.  In December 2017, he was admitted to hospital six times. We felt like a fractured family of four…Our past weekend at Morpeth Castle was so good for recharging our batteries and doing family activities. We built puzzles, we kept the fire going as it was snowing outside, we drove to some awesome local attractions, we shared meals and we read. Benny enjoyed making and maintaining the fire. He attended to it and fed it all weekend. It was so he first time he had any freedom (since diagnosis) as we have instinctively wrapped in Benny in cotton-wool due to his immune-compromised health system from the on-going chemotherapy which runs for 3.5 years from diagnosis.” - Clare Jefferson


CLIC Sargent stayed at Woodsford Castle giving a family whose daughter has been diagnosed with bone cancer the chance for a break.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this gift of a weekend – your donation has made such a difference and has sparked more of an interest in the children’s understanding of historical periods that they study at school’ - Victoria Hatch

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