50 for Free 2017 - Feedback from Beneficiaries

This year’s 50 for Free stays have now all happened, and we have had some wonderful feedback from the charities and organisations who benefited. It is both moving and uplifting to see what the breaks meant to those who stayed – we have included some of their feedback in a dedicated page which you can view here.

Landmark also thanks all participating charities for their part in making the stays possible for their beneficiaries, many of whom face heartbreaking challenges in their own lives. We hope the Landmark stays brought respite, hope and lasting memories.

This is now the fifth year Landmark has run the 50 for Free scheme, thanks to the enlightened and generous support of a few key donors. If you would like to help us fund 50 for Free next year, please get in touch.

Funding permitting, we hope to launch 50 for Free 2018 in October 2017.

Click here to read this years feedback.