Volunteering on Lundy

Saving Lundy by Joshua Bosley on Vimeo.

The work programmes of Lundy’s Conservation Team are supported by dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers whose help ensures that larger projects can be undertaken and completed effectively. 

Individual volunteers are provided with opportunities to work alongside the Ranger and Warden teams during the summer sailing season for one or two weeks at a time and provided with accommodation in our volunteer Lodge (please see General Information section for further details). Some volunteers prefer to volunteer within a group and therefore there are opportunities at the beginning and end of the season to join groups from the Lundy Field Society and National Trust.

Support Lundy Island

Help us to undertake projects essential to the island's survival. Your gift to the Lundy Fund will:

  • protect species unique to the island
  • subsidise costs for 140 working volunteers each year
  • cover travel to Lundy for school groups to learn about the island, ensuring the next generation cares for Lundy as you do
  • conserve historical remains

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