Conservation Management

Owned by the National Trust, Lundy is financed, administered and managed by the Landmark Trust. 

The island’s wealth of natural and man-made resources makes it a place on international significance. Its diverse terrestrial and marine habitats are home to rare species of birds, insects, marine life and plants, as well as being an important site for archaeology. Lundy attracts many thousands of visitors each year who come to experience its many unspoilt and unique qualities.

The Landmark Trust manages Lundy with the advice and support of the following partners:

Lundy is managed in partnership and bi-annual meetings take place with the Statutory organisations and the stakeholders and users of the MCZ

The Lundy Marine Protected Area Advisory Group (LMPAAG) meet twice yearly with representatives from the Landmark Trust, Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, Natural England, the island Warden and local stakeholders including divers, fishermen, charter boat companies and other users. The group meet to discuss the developments, projects proposals and the management of the MPA. It is also an opportunity for any issues or concerns to be raised and addressed. If you are an interested party and would like to attend the LMPAAG meetings please contact the warden on [email protected]

The outcome of these meetings is then brought to the Management Forum meetings which take place with representatives from each of the management partner organisation.

Read the 2017 Marine Management Plan