The waters around Lundy attract a lot of interest and have long been the subject of various studies, surveys and reports. 

In the 1970s a lot of work was carried out to catalogue the marine life being found, there were also investigations into some of the unusual species encountered. Many of the researchers that continue to work around Lundy were trained in appropriate survey methods at this time. Interpretive material was developed to summarise and translate the survey findings for the wider audience.

In the 1980s and 1990s specific sites were established to monitor some of the special features of Lundy’s marine life and these formed the foundations for repeat surveys which allow comparison between datasets which have been collected from the same sites over a period of time.

The character and extent of the different habitats present were also mapped.

In 2003 the Lundy No Take Zone was designated and monitoring of the area began.

Associated with Lundy’s marine conservation designations is the duty for Natural England to carry out regular monitoring of the condition of the site, and to report back nationally or internationally as appropriate. Regular ‘Condition Assessments’ of the features are carried out by Natural England, or by the Wardens or external contractors on behalf of Natural England.

In addition to the different, specific surveys that have been carried out, there is a variety of ongoing data collection and work occurring. This includes temperature loggers which constantly record the water temperature and have been in place since 1995.

If you are interested in carrying out any research on Lundy’s marine environment, habitats or species, please contact the Warden and also complete the Lundy Research Proposal Form. Be aware that collection of wildlife for scientific studies is subject to strict licensing.

Research on Lundy is not limited to professionals, and the Wardens often accompany school groups on educational visits to the site. If you would like information about how to book your class an educational day on Lundy please contact the Warden.