Marisco Tavern

The Marisco Tavern is Lundy’s only pub and as such has to be all things to all people.  It’s the pub that never shuts, although alcohol is only served during permitted hours, and is the only building on the Island to have lighting after the generators shut down for the night.

The building was originally the village stores built during the 1860’s when the quarrying operation employed around 300 men. Now simply a pub, the Tavern provides a restaurant and social centre for Island staff and staying guests as well as catering for the large numbers of day-trippers arriving on the Oldenburg or visiting ships such as the paddle steamer Waverley.

Food is cooked using the Island’s own superb produce. With our own selectively-bred lamb, rare-breed pigs, plus the wild Sika deer, Soay sheep, goats and rabbits, we are pretty much self-sufficient in carnivorous delights. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served every day. Breakfast always includes our own pork sausages. Lunch highlights our lamb, as home-made burgers and pasties, the latter made for us by a small Bideford bakery. At dinner we have a blackboard with starters and main courses devoted exclusively to Island fare. All the evening offerings are cooked in-house, including a selection of luscious desserts, and we even have a separate blackboard of vegetarian specialities – but not including Lundy Cabbage, which is regarded as inedible by humans.

The Tavern retains its roots as a traditional pub. It prides itself on its selection of locally-brewed ales (unfortunately we no longer have our own Island brewery), an eclectic selection of distilled liquors from around the world, a wine list to suit all palates (and wallets) along with all the other more commonplace stuff you’d expect from any decent public house.

The Island-feel is retained by the decorative use of the historic flotsam and jetsam rescued from the many wrecks and previous supply ships. There is no juke-box, no fruit machine and no television, nothing to distract from the age-old pleasures of human communication – the ban on the use of modern electronic devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and laptop computers is rigorously enforced.

Instead travelling musicians are always welcome (acoustic only please) and the order of the day is social interaction, lubricated of course by the aforementioned range of beverages.