Warden-led events

Lundy's Warden organises a variety of different events throughout the year to help visitors discover, enjoy and appreciate the wonderful wildlife and history of Lundy.

To book any of these events, please visit reception during your stay or contact the Warden here.

Rockpool Ramble

Join the Warden to explore the hidden wonders of the Devil's Kitchen rockpools and find an array of marinelife including gem anemones, clingfish, cushion stars, seven-legged starfish, topshells and much much more.

Please note that Rockpool Rambles are subject to weather conditions and tides. Rockpool guides are provided to participants free of charge to assist your exploration of the rocky shore. No booking necessary.

Snorkel Safaris  

Snorkel Safaris provide a glimpse of Lundy's magnificent marine life. Under the supervision of an experienced guide you are able to explore the shallow waters of the Landing Bay. Observe species such as spider crab, ballan wrasse and scarlet and gold star corals up close and personal in their natural habitat.


Each session lasts approximately 1 hour, including kitting up, a pre-snorkel brief and time in the water. Sessions cost £15 per person, covering the cost of equipment hire (wetsuit, mask, fins, hoods and snorkel).

To find out if there is a Snorkel Safari planned during your stay, please have a look at the timetable here. To book please either visit reception during your stay or alternatively contact the Warden.

Please note that Snorkel Safaris are only open to individuals over the age of 10 and that a medical declaration form must be completed prior to participation. Snorkel Safaris are subject to sea and weather conditions and generally run from May until September. Also please note that due to the popularity of the events, it is advisable to book early.

Guided walks

Guided Walks take place throughout the year and occur on most boat days throughout the sailing season starting from the Jetty. The direction and content depends on the season and weather. No booking necessary.