Diving facilities

The Beach Building - built with divers in mind

The Beach Building houses two changing rooms and a toilet for visiting divers to use. These facilities must be booked using the Dive Facilities Booking Form and are provided on a first come, first served basis. Each room can comfortably accommodate between 6 and 8 divers with storage and hanging facilities for equipment.

The main door is lockable, however the individual changing rooms are not and if you wish to keep the key with your group please arrange this with the Warden. Outside there is a dunk tank filled with freshwater for equipment rinsing. At times of drought, this may not be refilled until the island’s water supply is replenished. Please do not clean any equipment in the indoor sink and note that the water is not suitable for drinking.

Download a Dive Facilities Booking Form


Air fills

The Beach Building houses a large compressor that triple filters the already pure clean air and supplies up to 230bar. Our airfill service is available to all visiting divers and is run by trained Lundy staff. You can receive a 10% discount on airfills if booked at least one month in advance by filling out a Dive Facilities Booking form.

Prices for 2020

Up to 3 litres: £3

4-5 litres: £7.00

16+ litres: £9.00

Please note that:

  • if you do not book in advance, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your needs
  • you will receive a bill each day that is to be paid in the Tavern by the end of the same day. If you wish to receive a bill at the end of your stay please arrange this prior to your arrival with the Warden
  • twin-sets are made up of two separate tanks and will be charged as such
  • Please ensure that your tanks are in test with a visible test stamp. If the stamp is not easily discernible during busy periods your tank may not be filled and filling is at the discretion of the compressor operator

If you have any queries please feel free to contact the Warden on [email protected]



A luggage transport service is available for divers coming to Lundy via private boats. This service costs £3 per person with a minimum charge of £10 and must be booked in advance using the Dive Facilities Booking Form. Please note that each piece of luggage must weigh less than 20kg and that the excess luggage charge is £1/kg.

Please ensure that your luggage has luggage labels on as provided by Lundy Company/The Landmark Trust clearly showing your surname and property. If you have not received any luggage labels please contact the shore office on 01237 470074.

The island has been rat free since 2006 and to ensure that there is no risk of re-introduction any food items brought to be landed on Lundy must be in a sealed plastic box. If items are brought onto the island in an inappropriate container they will have to remain on the boat.

Transport of divers to the village is available through advanced request and will be charged at the same rate as luggage transport. This service is provided free of charge to any divers needing the service due to medical reasons.