Diving on Lundy

Lundy's Marine Protected Area is one of the prime diving sites in the British Isles, with spectacularly clear waters, a diversity of marine life and many wrecks to explore. As many as 2,500 creatures can be found in a single square metre of seabed and it is the only place where all five types of British cup coral can be found. 

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Lundy lies off the coast of North Devon, where the Atlantic ocean meets the Bristol Channel with nothing between it and America, a granite outcrop, three miles long and half a mile wide. In the hubbub of the modern world it is a place apart, peaceful and unspoiled.

Lundy is never crowded, even in the height of summer when up to five times a week, MS Oldenburg brings day-visitors who stay for a few hours. At all other times those who are staying in the 23 holiday properties and the residents have the island to themselves.

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