A toast to Young Landmarkers

by blogger Isla Simpson

Blogger and designer Isla Simpson reflects on the recent launch of Young Landmarkers, held at our historic 13 Princelet Street in the heart of vibrant Spitalfields. 

I love a full house. Houses are like clothes, they come alive with people! Without people, they are draughty museums, occupied between the hours of 10 am – 5pm. Lacking the soul of a real home or any past inhabitants.

I think Peter Lerwill (former owner) would have loved seeing 13 Princelet Street full to the rafters last Friday. The next generation sipping beers and soaking up the atmosphere to celebrate the launch of Young Landmarkers. A new Landmark Trust scheme for the under 30s.

Lerwill left his Spitalfields townhouse to the Trust so it could be enjoyed by all, for a short stay. An extraordinary act of kindness and a new chapter in the tale for an incredible London building.

I could sit in 13 Princelet Street drawing the panelling and rich interiors all day. The olive green front door melts my heart and don’t even get me started on the delft tiled fireplaces in almost every room. I could stare at those for hours.

So synchronise diaries, gather a group and book any one of the unforgettable Landmarks. Order an internet food shop for your arrival and car share the journey down.  Cook feasts, enjoy being off grid (no wifi or tv), go walking and sharpen those pencils for sketching.  All your friends will thank you and so will these remarkable buildings. 

This post originally appeared on Isla Simpson's blog here.