Young Landmark Adventures

Louise is a 20-something year old, newly-joined Young Landmarker, having only first visited a Landmark in late 2017. Here, she tells us a little about what a city girl loves most about the Landmark Trust already. 

In the beginning, there was Instagram...

It's true - I first stumbled across Landmark Trust on an Instagram post; I was fascinated by Landmark's stunning heritage places to stay. It lead me to a weekend of unadulterated quality time with friends; a weekend without phone signal, WiFi or any form of screen. Rather ironic, really… 


The first Landmark

New Inn in Suffolk

I managed to gather a group of friends together from London and we ventured to New Inn, Peasenhall. With an online food order arriving as we did, and not quite sure of what might await us, we were all delighted to be greeted by a warm hall with underfloor heating, the largest wood-burning stove any of us had ever seen, stunning high ceilinged architecture, endless space and time for games, adventures, and a house full of history. We all agreed that this Landmark Trust thing was all-round excellent news!

I had to show my family what Landmark was all about, since I had had such an incredible first Landmark weekend. Within a month, my family and I were driving up a private track through the forest to spend a weekend at the China Tower in Devon.

China Tower in Devon

We lived like royalty in this beautiful octagonal tower. I shared a double bed with my sister for the first time in years - which was great fun. Together, we snuck upstairs with cups of tea to watch the sun rise over the sea from the roof of the tower - and then again at night to stargaze at the perfectly clear night sky. My parents loved having wholesome family time as a unit, which is something we rarely do now we are all grown up! We even brought the dog for the weekend - he couldn't get enough of the spiral staircase and the views over the grazing pheasants outside... All in all, it was another stunning place for an intimate and happy family reunion. 


Louise's Good, Better & Best of staying at Landmarks

As a Young Landmarker, I wanted to share some of the reasons I love the Landmark Trust so much, and encourage new visitors to make the most of this unique way to experience our rich British heritage. 


  • Exploring new parts of the Great British isles that we might not have ventured to otherwise.
  • An immersive way to experience history and architecture that I didn’t know was possible.
  • The option to stay at a wide range of types of Landmark, from castles, to cottages, to towers, to medieval halls - and even the famous Pineapple! The choices are endless…


  • Dogs are allowed :)
  • Quirky, quality, beautiful places to stay - I rate Landmark properties much more highly than any high-end hotel or B&B. You really do feel like you are living and breathing the history of the Landmark. The furniture is clearly lovingly chosen and curated, and the kitchens are full of all the top-quality equipment you need to whip up a real feast - our last Landmark boasted Le Creuset everything!
  • Landmarks are often in remote or secluded spots - staying at a Landmark feels like the purest type of getaway with the people you love the most. 


  • Roaring log fires in stunning surroundings. I genuinely felt "in my happy place" at the Landmarks I have visited so far. 
  • The most unadulterated quality time with friends and family that I have experienced in a long time - no TVs, no WiFi, and sometimes even no phone signal - we all agreed that it had been good for our souls to 'switch off' and focus on living in the moment. Rather ironic, given that this all stemmed from a post on Instagram!
  • Nothing beats feasting on food served up on the stunning Old Chelsea crockery, and drawing up an antique wooden chair to a characterful table. We actively avoided going out to the pub because it was much more atmospheric, delicious and fun to stay and feast at our Landmark.
  • Forming adventure-proof friendships and memories that will last for many years to come. 


"In Landmark, we Trust"

 I'll be heading to another few Landmark properties later this year - as a getaway with my best girl friends, and with another group of sporty pals from the city - we love the often rugged landscapes near Landmarks for trail running, walking and cycling day trips, and filling our lungs with fresh air. 

I couldn't recommend Landmark Trust enough as an experience, a getaway, a reset, or a rest. This is just the start of what I hope will be a lifelong love of living and breathing historic buildings, in the company of the ones I love to laugh with the most!



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