Taking time out, together

We're recently welcomed our new digital marketing assistant Alice Wilkinson to the Young Landmarkers team. Here Alice pens a blog about the joy of taking time out with friends.


Last year, my friends and I decided that we wanted a short break away. The four of us wanted a holiday, to pack up the car, have a break from life and explore a little. It was a fragmented time of change and development for the four of us. Busy jobs and the start of another PhD syllabus were just a couple of our reasons for craving quality time and headspace.

We considered when to go, early September being the most suitable time - off peak for our heritage roles and just before University restarted. We then looked into the usual hotels and lodgings by default, before realizing the excitement that came when looking through the many Landmark properties. Not only did sitting and looking through the different properties stir conversation in our shared passion for heritage, but it gave us a wealth of options for our adventure together.

We finally settled on The Egyptian House in Penzance, Cornwall. Built in 1835 and originally a geological shop and museum, it offered us the quirky, temporary home that we were looking for. Split into three separate apartments, we had the middle apartment booked and we couldn’t wait!

When the time came around, we packed up the car and made our way to what was the most individual and unusual holiday home that any of us had stayed in. The anticipation of looking up at this beautiful building and knowing that we were going to be calling it home for the next few days, was unparalleled.

The entire experience meant that we were able to take some time out of the year, at a point when we were all at different crossroads in our lives, to just be present and live in the moment. Passers by seeing us entering the building would ask us about our visit, striking up conversations and a shared interest in the preservation and love of these buildings. The whole entire experience was quite simply exciting, like a holiday away as a child.

After the buzz of summer, we are now nearly in autumn 2018. My stay in a Landmark taught me to appreciate and take the time to be with friends and enjoy something as simple as watching the sun set from your window, with a cup of tea.

Take the time to enjoy your Landmark properties, you deserve it.

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