Picture perfect


Artist and designer Robin Lucas is an enthusiastic Landmarker, with a keen eye for a perfect Instagram shot. We’ve compiled some of our favourite photos from his travels – from sunrise at West Banqueting House and roast dinner at Ingestre Pavilion, to sketching at Beckford’s Tower.

West Banqueting House

 In 1613, wealthy Sir Baptist Hicks began building the magnificent Campden House in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. On a scale to rival the greatest houses of its era, it was a show-stopping country house. Only 30 years later, it was destroyed during the Civil War. All that remains is a single broken fragment, and several ancillary buildings. The East and West Banqueting Houses, with ebullient strapwork parapets, were once the stage for Sir Baptist’s grand entertainments - and today are distinguished Landmarks.


Ingestre Pavilion 

In a secluded spot reached by a long, wooded track, elegant Ingestre Pavilion in Staffordshire was built around 1752. Forming the endstop of an "Intended Lawn" planned by Capability Brown for the 2nd Viscount Chetwynd of Ingestre Hall, the long vista view of - and from - the Pavilion is still as Brown intended it today. Curiously, the rooms behind the distinguished facade had been demolished by 1802. Today's comfortable rooms were designed by architect Philip Jebb, commissioned by Landmark’s founder Sir John Smith. 


Beckford's Tower

“Some people drink to forget their unhappiness. I do not drink, I build.” Renowned connoisseur, eccentric and recluse William Beckford moved to Bath aged 63, after selling his inherited family estate, Fonthill in Wiltshire, because of escalating debt. Purchasing a house on Lansdown Crescent, in 1827 Beckford commissioned the young and relatively unknown architect H E Goodridge to build a belvedere on the hill behind the crescent. One of the earliest introductions of the Picturesque to post-Georgian Bath, the Tower was a casket for Beckford’s collections of fine furniture, paintings and objects. Today, Beckford’s Tower is a Landmark evoking the true spirit of one man’s remarkable contribution to Regency taste.


These photos originally appeared on Robin’s Instagram here. Share your adventures with #LandmarkTrust #YoungLandmarkers