Love your Landmark

Alice Wilkinson, one half of the Young Landmarkers team, takes us through what can make Landmarks so magical.

Our charity offers a treasure trove of 200 historical properties, fantastic time machines with their own individual qualities and stories to tell. But what what are, in my opinion, three of the most magical traits that all Landmarks share? 


Keeper's Cottage (left) and Maesyronnen Chapel (right)

Each Landmark is nestled in an enchanting location, be it a seashore, a picturesque landscape garden or an urban bolthole. We know that settings and views are very important for all our customers. When I'm window shopping for breaks, I often look for some fresh sea air, wide open spaces or somewhere hidden gem deep in the woods. I know many are drawn to the tranquil Keeper’s Cottage (above left) nestled in the pinewoods and ferns of the Shuttleworth Estate in Bedfordshire, or Maesyronnen Chapel (above right) perched high above the Wye near Powys. But if it's escapism that you crave, the feeling that you're in your own small part of the world, private and serene, The Château in Lincolnshire (pictured below) is perfect for this. It was built as a Gainsborough lawyer’s weekend retreat, later used for picnics and other mild kinds of excursion, and was designed to look like a large French Château from a distance.

@stayUKation at The Chateau@stayUKation on Instagram shared this lovely chilled post from their retreat at The Château.

Digital detox

Another magical factor that all Landmarks share is the blissful break from technology. Landmark properties aren’t just bricks and stone, thatch and timber; fundamentally they offer a home from home, a place to rest your favourite mug or wake up with the sun on your face... blissfully unconnected to wifi and the fast pace of modern living. Whether you decide to spend time with loved ones or just carve out some rare time for mindfulness and reflection, our buildings provide a base to recharge batteries in whatever way you feel necessary.

This tranquil shot of Duckpool near Coombe was taken by Mark Jervis.

Secret histories

Finally, all our properties have a rich and inspiring history. One of my favourites is the tiny yet grand Swarkestone Pavilion near Ticknall, Derbyshire. It is a miniature 'prodigy house' which provides a stunning visual treat of a stay, whilst offering a secret which dates back to its original use. Designed and built to 'track the sun', Swarkestone will bask in the sunshine from sunrise to sundown. This feature was originally intended to keep the area light for whichever activities were performed in front of it. Suggestions range from the romantic (jousting) and the rough (bear-baiting) to the more prosaic (bowls); although the historic entertainment has long gone, the past design feature stays with us to this day, warming all who visit and providing (on days of reasonable weather!) glorious sunshine and views. 

Swarkestone Pavilion at sunrise and sunset.

The front view of Swarkestone Pavilion.

Whatever reasons you may have for choosing your Landmark, our doors are always open and we will always offer that home from home.

 The colours of autumn